I can hardly believe that March is here already.  It is fascinating to see how fast time goes by, especially if you have had many, many happy birthdays.  I have six decades+ under my belt.  Do I wear a belt?  Maybe four times a year.  The area between waist and other places has kind of disappeared.  Now it looks sometimes as one roly poly.  Let’s go back to March.

Third month of the year…what’s the hurry?  I am not going anywhere, but it seems as the bills are in a hurry always to be paid.  Right at the beginning of the month I already know what’s left for my fun time.  Hardly can afford any fun.  Complain..complain…and more complaints.  I don’t have a cat, a dog, and the daughter lives far away, so I don’t have anyone to exchange sorrows and have pity parties with.  You are it.  So bear with me today.

Word counter nanobeing is showing that I have a lot of more typing to do to make this a decent post.  Pressure, and more pressure.

Going back to March, so there’s only nine months left of the year (I am pretending that March is almost over, because my checking account feels that way).  Before we know it, the jingle things will be on the radio and everybody will try to be very, very happy with joy, because the season will give them an opportunity to spend money at that time and then back to January, February, March to pay those bills, …but wait, this is only the beginning of March.  What did they put in the water this morning?  Need to buy a new filter for my water jar.  For how long has the filter been in that jar.  I cannot remember when I put it there.  Ignorance is bliss.

Now, really going back to March.  The green wearing day is rapidly approaching, spring is trying to break through these monstrosity of winds we are having, grass still looks like manure discard, but there is always hope.  There is a song called “The Waters of March.”  I have in English and Portuguese.  Prefer the Portuguese version, because some of the words can be interpreted as cause for depression, but in Portuguese, the whole thing sounds so pretty, because I don’t understand most of it.  Music is lovely, forget about the lyrics.  It works for me.

March is a good time to start thinking about Paris again...

And the word counter nanobeing is getting pleasantly happy.  Words are somewhat abundant, and the mood of the typist has some degree of high expectancy for today, I don’t know of what, but right now I feel good, ta ra ra ra ra ra!  Remember that song?  That’s a good one to start the day, or afternoon or whatever pleases you.  I am going to look it up on Itune.  Ninety nine cents buys a lot of happiness sometimes.  That’s what it costs to download the song.

March…need to finish that quilt, do my taxes, send some letters and cards, clean some parts of the house, and yes, pay bills.  Taxes and death you cannot escape, someone said.  I would add bills to the duo. 

Let’s go back to being in a good mood.  We are all breathing, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post, and my hands would not be typing.  My mother used to say that as long as air is coming in and out of those two little holes on your face (nose) you are ok.  On that note, I am obliged to say…

Make it a very happy one!

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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