A New Business…

Some of the tools being used on the road to entrepreneurship...again

I should be pretty content with my life right now.  I have enough to cover my bills and needs, and I give myself a little allowance for fun…but no, sometimes I feel I should be doing something more than just the things that I am doing at this moment in my life.  I am this kind of restless person that is not satisfied with the status quo.  I need to improve, fix, invent, always in search for something new and meaningful to do.  I guess I’ll be like that until that day when I convert to faster energy.  In the meantime, I looking to create a new business.  Some of the cards you see above, all of them have my name or personal data covered because popularity and fame have knocked on my door already and it gives me a sense of feeling uncomfortable.  Reality show?  Don’t need one.  I have my own.  Thank you very much.  Going back to the cards, one day my lovely daughter put together a bundle of business cards of businesses I had been involved with at that time.  It was quite a good number.  So I figure, I was born a natural entrepreneur. 

I am searching for what else to do, but it has to be meaningful and with a purpose greater than me.  Besides making money to cover expenses, I am going to adopt a cause (I have always done this before, because you don’t need a lot of money to share your blessings), and I am thinking about the cause against domestic abuse.  I remember when I used to volunteer with a social services agency in Virginia, I had to take a young woman who was being abused by her ignorant, and alcoholic husband to a shelter in the middle of the night.  Taking her there left an impression in me that I will never forget as long as I live.  That’s why I am considering victims of domestic violence.

You see, there’s more to me than the empty-headed with many happy birthdays person I might seem to be to you sometimes.  I can be pretty, pretty serious when the occasion arises.  Most of the time I take things very lightly because as I told recently a friend of mine, angels can fly because they take themselves very lightly.

Going back to my search for a new idea for a business.  I love books, and a friend suggested selling them on the internet.  Hi Lindsay.  But, and this is a big but…if the big B is going out of business, I am getting the message in neon lights that there is too much competition in that field already.  That was one of the reasons why I sold my bookstore.  I could see the signs on the sky and the dwindling sales.  So my love of books will be forever, but selling books is not it, at least at this stage in my journey.

I have something in mind, but have to refine it.  It has to be something that goes along with my way of being;  tiny investment necessary, has to make money, and must have meaning.  Otherwise, I don’t like to entertain the idea of becoming a statistic.  I have been there already. 

As you can tell, the wheels are in motion in my household.  So much to do, and so much time to do it all.  Surprised at the phrase?  You expected something else, like so little time.  Nope, God has given us all the time we need to do the things we need to do.  That we choose to do other things, well…that is our problem.

Age is in our imagination.  Sometimes the body likes us to think another way, but mind over matter.  Remember.

Hasta manana,

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “A New Business…

    1. Thank you Lindsay for being my sounding board, and thank you for thinking so highly of me. The new business idea is as follows… need to think about it a bit longer, remember, the impossible takes a bit longer. Have a happy day!

    1. Hi Christy, I was wondering how you were doing. Keeping a low profile or just too busy? I am still in the process of defining the business, but the most important thing is how to take it to market. No sales, no business. I know that from my many previous experiences.
      Good to hear from you.

    1. Why don’t you. Remember, this is not rehearsal. Do what you want to do. This is your show time! If not now, when? Just do it! There is plenty horses in that area. You can even rent one just to have the experience., or volunteer in a farm to be near horses. Keep us informed.

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