Libraries Book Sales…You have to love them…

Some of the treasures to be found...

For the past two days I have been volunteering at our local public library.  When we moved to this town, as soon as we got our driver’s licenses, the first place that we went immediately after was to our library to get our library cards.  I love books and forever will.  Now that I have that established, you must imagine how my heart goes out of whack when there is a library book sale.  Ours is going to take place within the next two weeks. 

I volunteer at our library because I realized that they were letting some very valuable books go out of the door for literally pennies.  That is good for all of us, but the library needs every cent they can raise, due to budget cuts and increasing expenses.  In the past two years, the Collector’s Corner has raised way over $2,000.00 extra for the benefit of the library and in turn, the community.

What I like about library sales is that it is like a treasure hunt.  You never know what you are going to find.  You may even find a new interest.  Some of the books have  incredible illustrations, some of them are first editions, and some of them are rare books.  We have a set for sale for over $750.00, but no takers yet.  It dates back to early 1800’s with hand painted illustrations.

One of the reasons I love libraries and book sales is that the concept of a public library was new to me when I moved to the United States.  You mean that I can take books to my house, for up to three weeks, then bring them back and take out some others, all at no expense to me?  Wow!  That was unbelievable to me.  For me a public library is the most important institution in any community. 

My treasures...

Would you believe that all these books only cost me $10.00, or I could have a supermarket paper bag full of books for $12.00.  I just didn’t want to be greedy.  The paperback on the foreground costs $9.++ at the big discount store.  So it was like buying one paperback and getting all the other books for free.  Noticed I got a video on writing?  Hopefully it will help me to improve the way of expressing myself.  There is always room for improvement on any area in life.

Well, if you have any used book sales sponsored by your local public library, please get in line the day of the sale, and get yourself some great treasures for a song.  I used to be in line in Florida around 12 midnight the day of the sale, that started at 9:00 am that morning.  I was like number fifteen.  Some people used to get in line a day and a half in advanced to get the best books.  That was a heck of a sale twice a year in Gainesville, Florida, one of the best ones in the United States.

May your love for books increases as time goes by…

Until next Monday…make it a happy weekend.

Your Happy Contessa

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2 thoughts on “Libraries Book Sales…You have to love them…

  1. You should set up a book store on EBay. You could make a lot of money. buy low sell high. It would be easy for you to do.

    1. That sounds like a great idea. I will ponder on that one. I already love books and find the hunt for them extremely exciting, so it is a matter of finding the great books to be sold. Thanks Lindsay.

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