Two years already…Ronald Franklin

March 5, 1938 – February 25, 2009

I hope this finds you well and happy.  This is the way Ron used to start all his writings.  He told me that’s the way Thomas Jefferson used to do it.  I thought I would do the same thing here today.

He looked so much like himself in this picture.  We were entertaining friends.  He always got a bit nervous before guests arrive, but once we were all together, he was Mr. Entertainer himself.

Ron was always trying to please everybody.  He was an ambulant encyclopedia, knew a bit of everything.  He liked to play dumb, because he told me that that’s when you find out how people really are,  and how much they know about you.  But then when you least expected it, Bam! he would deliver a piece of information that you were searching for and it would leave you perplexed because you thought he wouldn’t know a thing.  That was Ron alright.       

He loved gardening, painting, fixing things up, unfixing things up (like that yellow bathroom he painted while I was away;  he painted even the sink cabinet, doors, all a bright bright yellow.)  But that was Ron.  He wanted to give me a nice surprise in my favorite color.

He had a big following when we used to have the bookstore.  I remember on a Monday, this woman all spiffed up and smelling real good comes to the counter where I was.  She asked me where was the owner, the nice looking with gray hair man who was there yesterday.  I played dumb, to follow Ron’s instructions.  I asked her to give me details about this good-looking guy and what could I do to help her.  She said to me that he was so knowledgeable and an interesting kind of man, and she would like to get to know him more.  At that moment I said to her that if she was referring to the ravishing looking man who was there yesterday, that he would happen to be my husband.  I said it in a nice way so she wouldn’t feel that bad.  That was a funny moment.  She and her diamonds, good smelling stuff and a lot of hair spray and teased hair left as soon as I said that.  I made sure she left with her ego intact.  No bruised ego.   

Ron loved to sell books.  It would kill him to come home without making a sale.  Yes, we had those days too.  I could tell as soon as he came home, his face would be all sad.  He was very competitive and always wanted to have a bang up day.  He was my stellar seller.  Only had him on the staff.

I fired him on a Christmas Eve, because he sold a whole set of books for the price of one volume alone.  He was so shocked and told me he had never been fired before in his life, leave it alone on Christmas Eve.  He promised me he never will make a mistake ever again.  I told him that just because it was Christmas Eve, he could have his job back.  We really had a good time with each other.  We compromised a lot with each other.  It was easy to do so with Ron.

I miss him a whole bunch, but I like to focus on being grateful that I had the opportunity to have him in my life instead of focussing on not having him around.  I know his beautiful energy surrounds me always.

Now Ron is taking care and baby sitting for the newest littlest angel in Heaven, Alice Riley, his baby granddaughter.  Watch it now Ron with your teasing her.  Take good care of her.  We know you are doing your best.

We miss you both but are glad you have each other to keep company along with Margie, and Rolla.

Until that day when we will meet again...


My love to all of you,

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “Two years already…Ronald Franklin

  1. What an awesome and accurate portrait of Dad. I still miss him so much, but am thankful he is there to welcome precious baby Alice. I think they will take many strolls together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories!

    1. It brings me comfort and joy to remember Ron this way. Your dad was an unique individual and I am grateful I was able to share 25 years of my life with him. Thanks for reading and hope all is well with all of you. Love always,

  2. As you know, not one single moment goes by that Richard doesn’t miss his brother. The heartache doesn’t go away just because time passes. I miss Ron because he also kept me guessing was he pulling my chain or telling me the truth! One must be very careful of pirates!

    1. I can understand Richard. It was his only brother and they were very close. You figured out Ron very well. You couldn’t tell if he was serious or teasing all of us. A toast to having had Ron in our lives.

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