The day I met the world famous Tour Eiffel…

You know when you have a dream of realizing something.  Today I am going to share with you how was it when I saw for the first time the world-famous icon, and the image of the visualisation of my dream, the Tour Eiffel.  She was the symbolism of my dream of being in Paris.

This is how she looked for the first time ever to Milagros and to me when we were walking from our hotel to finally meet Eiffel.  It was a moment when time stood still.  We were walking and talking and all of a sudden I looked to the left, and there she was peeking at us.  I became speechless.  Wow…finally…I felt very emotional and I think I shed a tear  because it meant that dreams do come true.

At last!  Here I was staring at one of the most famous icons in the world.  It took me 46 years to finally see it and touch it.  What an undescribable feeling.

Me standing with Eiffel on the background...

After Milagros snapped a few pictures, and the moments of awe, we decided to go on a boat ride that takes you all along the River Seine and brings you back where you board it.

We were all the time in admiration when looking at buildings and bridges that you only see in books, movies or magazines and there they are, within reach.  It was such an incredible experience being among so many people of different cultures and you just feel as one of them.  There are so many house-boats along the Seine and other floating restaurants.  Just takes your breath away!

Down the river side...on a beautiful Fall day in Paris

After being soaked with unbelievable moments all in awe, we docked back at Eiffel and decided to get in line to make it all the way to the top.

When we finally made it to the top, it was just like the icing on some dreamy cake that was in storage for us.  What a beautiful feast for your eyes of such a splendorous old city!  The buildings are so classic with the kind of architecture you don’t see anymore in our newer cities.  Before we made it to Eiffel, we admired the tall doors, all wood,  and the arches, and the iron gates that led to the entry ways with side gardens before you get to the door.  I felt as if I used to live in Paris in my previous life, if there is such a thing.  I felt as if I belong there.

Milagros at the top...
One of the views from the top of Eiffel...

Now, I know you were expecting to see a picture of me at the top also.  It just happened that fate will have it that I forgot to put on my sunglasses, and guess what…the bags under my eyes became a distraction to the view, so I decided no picture of me to show you at the top.  It is what it is.

After such an incredible experience, we went to the souvenir shop at the Eiffel and bought just a few mementos for us to last an eternity.  I am speaking for myself.  Hopefully Milagros will feel the same way also.  Then we started walking back to the Le Mon Hotel, had dinner at a nice cafe along the way, bought some pastries and baguette to take back with us, and c’est fini, for now. Another day in Paris to follow some other time. 

Au revoir,

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  My french lessons are going very well, merci beaucoup!

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