Clothes…do they help you or date you…

A few years ago I was visiting with my trendy daughter and she made this observation “mami, don’t start dressing like a little old lady.”  I told her that the outfit I was wearing made me feel comfortable.  She responded, “yes, comfortable, but they date you.”  Another enlightened moment of my life. Since then IContinue reading “Clothes…do they help you or date you…”

Many Happy Birthdays’ Syndrome…and Benefits

To admit or not to admit…to yourself.  Well, I am like a cat fighting going down the trunk of a tree, and leaving claw streaks as I resist gravity and are on my way down.  Down baby, down. There are a lot of things we (baby boomers) are facing as gravity takes a hold of allContinue reading “Many Happy Birthdays’ Syndrome…and Benefits”

The aftermath…how many extra pounds

Well…do the picture says it all?  There was the turkey, the glazed carrots, the biscuits, the sausage-stuffing muffins (first time ever and to die for, literally), regular potatoes, sweet ones, I even ate the skin for the first time too.  Tastes very good.  Learned a lot about sweet potatoes from Lisa Johnson of the YummyContinue reading “The aftermath…how many extra pounds”