It’s starting to feel like Christmas…

Yes!  finally the spirit of joy and happiness of Christmas has arrived in Happyville.  It happened yesterday afternoon at Home Depot.  I had promised a ten-year old boy about three years ago that I would prepare and give him his own tool box.  You know, all he mostly does as all kids his age, is play high-tech games and the only things probably he exercises are his eyes and hands.  But what do I know about anything.  I got so excited when I found the tool box!  There was one that included more than a hundred tools, so I told the good-looking guy (how do they manage to find all these attractive guys, I always pondered,  and to add, they are very nice) that that package would traumatize the young man for life.  Probably he would never look at a tool ever again.  Even I got intimidated.  Going on with the story, I then proceeded to buy individual tools.  Hammers are so ridiculously priced and so big.  Then I remembered the good old Dollar store.  Bingo!  No hammers there.  Got a measuring tape and a screwdriver.  I found an extra hammer in my two tool boxes (didn’t think I had one?), but I still think it is too big.  It was this whole experience that got me to think how excited this young man was going to be when he sees his own tool box and probably I’ll take him around his house so we can find a screw and I’ll show him how  a screwdriver works.  Hope mommy and daddy approve.  Daddy doesn’t look like the handyman type.  I am going to find some letters to put his name on the box.  Isn’t that cool?  I can’t wait.

Oh, the ice scraper is for me.  I am ready for the next whatever decides to come down from wherever it is that ice and snow come from.  Just wanted to show you that I mean business with this weather.

The picture on the left was given to my daughter by her paternal grandmother when she was I think one year old.  It is very special.  Simple, but very meaningful.

Ron, my belated husband, used to tell me that his parents used to put oranges in his and his brother’s Christmas stocking and other candies.  I love the simplicity of things.  You are more prone to remember those.  I think life is getting more and more complicated and demanding, maybe that’s why sometimes Christmas seems to me overwhelming.  But remember, I have seen 62 Christmases.  One of the most memorable one was when I was around ten years old.  I got only one gift.  A humongous doll.  Almost as tall as me.  I will never forget that.  Nowadays you need to have a gazillion of stuff under the tree, otherwise, kids are not happy.  That’s what we the adults think.  I think I am becoming a little scroogy here, so I better stop while I am ahead.

Wow, and to think that was worried about having something to write this morning.  Life is full of surprises.  Good ones.  Remember, always half full. 

Until next time

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “It’s starting to feel like Christmas…

    1. Have some in my two tool boxes. I’ll bring them to Fl and you can choose. I have to keep some for Ian and Logan. Tools are from their granddad. Thanks again for being a faithful reader.

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