Guess who’s coming to dinner…

Here you have it…my dinner table already set.  I am a person that lives by making lists.  And that was top on my list for today.  Sometimes I find old lists that I have misplaced, and believe it or not, tasks on the list have been accomplished.  Thank you great neurons that populate my brain.

Oh yes, dinner.  I had intended to cook a homemade something,  even looked for the recipe on almighty internet, and was already salivating this old with a new twist dish.  Right at the supermarket, all of a sudden I changed my mind.  I imagined eating the food, and for some reason the thought didn’t seem that appealing.  Made a 360 degrees turn and I am cooking a homemade something else.  It is a comfort food, and I am doing my own version.  No internet involved.  I am a risk taker person most of the time.  I am sure it is going to be great.  Have you noticed how guests always say that food was delicious.  Who knows how food really was.  I really don’t mind, because to start with, I don’t like to cook!  But Ron always said “This is the best dish  you have ever prepared.”  He did it even if I just made toast.  So I am used to believe that I really cook good, but I am very partial.  As long as I have good music (there is a channel on cable that has holiday music), candles, oh yes, candles,  the table looks pretty, and company is good (I don’t invite anyone to my house I would consider not so good company, otherwise my cover might be blown, and they would figure out that I am not a great cook) and something is cooking on the stove and I look decent, everything is under control.  If it burns, or whatever happens with the food that doesn’t meet my standards, there is plenty alternatives down the road.

It really doesn’t matter what I am cooking or not, I think, what matters is the act of getting together with people you enjoy being with and that totally get you.  They know your weaknesses and ignore your silliness.  Perfect.  Dinner will be served, and we’ll be having a great time breaking bread and talking about good old times and the better ones ahead.  Remember, this is going to be my 62nd Christmas.  Hooray!

We will toast to the goodness of life and the blessing of having each other in our lives.

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  Dessert is pumpkin pie from the nice supermarket around the corner.  I told you, I don’t like to cook.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Guess who’s coming to dinner…

  1. Nice people had a delicious dinner, great conversation and wonderful gifts. The pictures show people who love each other. Thank you.

    1. I am glad the nicest people enjoyed dinner. Thank you for being so gracious about my cooking. Yes, I love the pictures also. I am using one of my presents right now to keep from becoming an eskimo.

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