City Daughter…Country mama and D.C.

It is good to be back!  Some many things to write about, but I’ll stick to the basics.  You know, of course, that I had a grand time with my daughter, her boyfriend and his family.  Eating and etc., etc.  Yes, nice gifts for all and vice-versa.  Happyville is in a bliss indeed.

Now, the scoop.  Christmas Eve, my beautiful daughter and I went to Whole Foods in D.C. or Chevy Chase, don’t remember.  As usual, I am driving my cart around and taking my time to supervise the vegetables, and saying to myself, wow, a pound of yams at $2.99.  Oh well, when you are in D.C., act as the people in that stressed out town act.  Price doesn’t matter, just get the task done.  Even though later your pocketbook gets in a stressed out condition too.  Going on with my looking around, finally my daughter says “mami, here you have to move faster or people will just run over you.  You are too nice, you talk to people and here that’s not the norm.”  She took the cart away from me and was zipping in and out of aisles, like she was in a Nascar lane.  I am left behind still admiring everything, even though the place is a mad house, as if the store was never going to open again.  But you know me, have to keep my blue aura at all costs.  Finally after a while, we got what we went there for and left.  Imagine trying to get a parking space.  Oh, forgot, the whole saying of my daughter to me was because at a bookstore I established a conversation with the cashier, complimenting her on her attitude, very upbeat and pleasant, even though the place was like a madhouse also.  I talk even to my shadow if there is no one around.  From there on…Christmas Day came, with its pleasantries, gifts, and stuffing myself as if I was a potato,  and Christmas Day went until December 2011.

Pigeon Alert!  Pigeon Alert!  This happened at Union Station, that by the way it is a beautiful place to wait for over five hours as the train bound south was late.  Nice people to talk with and pigeons all over the place next to where you sit to wait.  The issue here was the flying creatures’ droppings.  I thought, well if one of those aeronautical shots falls on my hair, of well, that means good luck and then I imagined how I would look with my hair washed in the sink at the restroom at the station.  Not a pretty picture.  I immediately took that negative thought out of my mind and proceeded to tell myself, that was not going to happen, but every time one of those creatures got too close over my head, I would invoke to higher authorities.  Not only had to deal with waiting, with my derriere growing flatter as the minutes went by, but the impertinent entertainment.  Life in the fast lane in Washington D.C. 

Finally around 10pm made it home.  Nice people at the train and all, but it was a long day.  Grew some muscles while moving my suitcase up and down the storage bin in the train, but tired muscle, less derriere and all, it is good to be home.

Thank you my lovely daughter and her boyfriend and to the people of D.C.  It was great while it lasted.

Having to deal with a lot of snow on the grounds here in North Carolina, I must retire now to face my day.

Until next time,

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  The picture in the middle at the beginning of the posting I took while my daughter drove her car to take me to Union Station.  No, it was not snowing, just that her windshield has a lot of personality.  That’s the Capitol, where our fates are decided on a daily basis.

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4 thoughts on “City Daughter…Country mama and D.C.

  1. Nancy get mad at me for stopping and talking to people. I guess it is left over from the Inn. I love to do it and it’s free. You know, I only have 10 jokes and I like to have a new audience. (that’s one of the jokes). There is no place like home though.

    1. I knew I could count on you to officially welcome me back. Thank you very much. You are right, it is for free, and sometimes you learn good things or not. Home sweet home. I am sure the daughter is also happy to have the space to herself.

  2. Ha! My windshield was so dirty! Sorry that I was city girl pushy! Glad you were still able to enjoy yourself amidst our crazy lives!

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