Not again…and have to go to the dentist

A toothache…2 am…tried to psych myself that it was a product of my imagination…but the Imagination Department was a bit weak at that time of the morning.   Around 6:45 am, made coffee, got the newspaper from the frozen lawn and by 8:30 am had to call the dentist.  Brave ladies they are.  They were at the office.  Good or bad?  I thought.  After some back and forth conversations, the dentist will see me today at 12:30.  I don’t have an ice remover, so a wooden spatula will have to do.  You can imagine how I feel about having to drive with this kind of weather.  But the toothache is more powerful than any fear.  Remember, it is those creatures that adapt to change that will survive.  Today the rubber meets the road.  Literally.

Oatmeal is waiting for me downstairs.  I am getting a bit tired of this good for you breakfast.  Have to find a substitute for another healthy one. 

Too much going on at the same time.  Can my limited mind handle all of this?  Now my daring self is saying “Bring it on.”  Yes, I can handle it all.  Wow!

All of a sudden the oatmeal doesn’t taste that bad.  Yes, I am eating as I type.  Told you.  I can handle anything.  I am impressed with my other daring self.

In case I did not mention it, it is bloody cold inside and outside the house.  If I turn on the heater more than 70 degrees, the static is out of this world.  Just as I was turning on the computer, I got a second degree of electric shock.  No wonder the little circle was kind of wimpy today.

Well, here you have it.  Toothache and all I am moving on.

Carrying all my woes,

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Not again…and have to go to the dentist

  1. Get inside of car and turn it on. Set heater and defroster on high. After 15 to 30 minutes the windshield and most windows will be clear. Lock your car while it is on so nobody will steal it. The scrapers cost a buck or so and sometimes are given away as promotional items. Get a long handled one as you are short. Good Luck with the dentist.

    1. Wow, Lindsay, you have covered all the bases for me. Including the one that I am short. Now the whole world knows. Really, I appreciate the suggestion of turning on the car way before I leave and turning on the defroster. It has been so long since I had to deal with ice. Thank you very much.

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