Coming back from the cold….Miami

Well, where should I start.  Had a meaningful visit with my mother and brother in South Florida, where had to wear a hat to go to bed (the draft coming through the windows was just incredible).  Celebrated her 85th birthday, where she entertained us with her singing old songs,  and in her own ways she let us know she was still in charge.  That’s my mama on the left and my brother Rafi on the right.  Obvious, but wanted to make sure you knew who is who.

We went to the giant Wally World everyday.  I almost lost it on the last visit.  So many people!  Couldn’t do much anything else, as it was a bit chilly for the writer and mama and Rafi.  To wrap this one up, it was a good visit and I hope next time I’ll be living a bit closer.  Oh, I forgot to mention in case you are wondering…the patting at the security check didn’t materialize.  X-raying my internal organs was more than enough for them.  I did not eat anything before I left for the airport so I wouldn’t expose anyone to decaying material.  How thoughtful of me.  And also a sprinkle of sarcasm.  It was kind of sad to see what has become of us as a society.  I read the following once -“It is not the strongest or smartest of the species that survives, but only those that accept change.”  I am for survival.  Let the process continue.

My friends, I am back like the spy that came from the cold, have to do some shopping and focus on my next adventure on Amtrak next week.  I am going to the city where we have the largest conglomerate of greed and egos, all mixed up together to look down at us and decide our fate.  Yes siree, I am off to Washington D.C. next week.  I love that city.  So much culture, diversity and restaurants from almost every place in the world.  My favorite, Indian cuisine.

Having had breakfast (oatmeal), having paid some bills, I must get ready to face the tundra outside and get on with the business of my day.

I missed you all and glad to be back.  Thanks Raylene for taking me to the airport and getting me back home safe.  I appreciate you very much.

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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