Another fun filled day in Florida…and the big blue and yellow box…

Had to go and render homage to the Swedish in Orlando.  You know what I mean, IKEA, the never-ending have fun store.  You simply cannot leave with your hands empty.  Well, my lovely daughter did leave with her hands empty.  No space in suitcase for anything much.  Have to travel light.

I purchased a plastic bag organizer.  You just shove them in the plastic receptacle, and voila, the bags come out free and ready to be used.  I am big with plastic bags.  Take my garbage out minimum twice a day.  Do not want to nurture critters or any funny looking creatures in my place.  Already had a close encounter around 2 am one day in the bathroom, and I could have care less what the code of silence is at this community.  I just blew the thing apart with my sandals.  That will show them, I thought.  But, in reality I promptly went to the store, the next day, of course,  to find the most potent and fastest bug killer that has ever been produced.  I mean business.  Only one prima dona in this house.  That’s me.

Oh, yes, going back to our visit to the Swedish.  Love the color scheme of that store.  My favorite two colors.  Dark blue and yellow.  Those were the colors of my North Carolina home.  We did not eat the meatballs.  Had so ever good tasting, mmmm,mmmm chinese food.  My daughter introduced me to steamed dumplings stuffed with pork meat, and then broiled, with the most mild soy sauce I have ever had.  So tasty.  Also, she had the chicken lettuce wrap.  So flavorful also.  You make your own wrap.  Try it.  You will also love these two items.  Then we went around the shopping center, a big, big one I must say.  We did not honor the shopping center itself with our presence.  We visited some of the stores in the periphery of the mall.

Then, on the way home we stopped at my now very favorite supermarket, to get some ice cream for favorite daughter, while I checked for ripe fried plantains.  No luck today for my plantains.  So it was dulce de leche yogurt for the girl.  I am planning to experience that new texture.

So it was today…4 August, 2011…a day to experience new chinese cuisine elements…and new yogurt flavor.

Please do have a very memorable weekend and of course, stay “cool.”  I shall return on Monday.

Your Happy Contessa

“I have done my best.  That is about all the philosophy of living that one needs.”  Lin Yutang, Chinese writer and inventor.  10 October, 1895 – 26 March, 1976.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Another fun filled day in Florida…and the big blue and yellow box…

  1. There are some great Viet Namese restaurants in their section of town on 50 not too far from you. They also have grocery stores specializing in VN food. We eat there when in the area. Veit Gardens I believe is the name.

    1. Thank you Lindsay. Will keep that in mind. I don’t think I have tried Vietnamese food yet. Not sure. Something new to keep in mind. Have a good weekend. Thanks for reading.

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