All that starts well…ends well…my lovely visit has left town…thanks for the beautiful memories…

Well…my lovely visit has gone back home to Washington D.C.   I really miss her and the getting up and being on the go constantly.  Did not have to address the issue of taking things that I have shoved into spaces, closets, under the bed, all to make the place look pretty, into consideration.  Now the situation is here,  I am on your face-kind-of thing.  Dealing with getting rid of some more stuff.

Last Friday night we had dinner at this very cozy and attractive looking French Bistro.  From the moment we went in, we knew we were in for a memorable dinner and experience.  Our server, Jennifer, was a charming young woman and then…they sat us on a corner unit of a burgundy velvet sofa, just as it happened in Paris, just that in Paris, it was leather.  What a coincidence!

I had (Lapin aux pruneaux) rabbit for the first time in my life.  Doing a lot of things for the first time ever.  The rabbit (sorry Peter) was simmered probably for hours together in red wine, with prunes, raisins, carrots, onions and some other spices.  Rabbit tasted to me like chicken.  But this was so flavorful.  I had rice pilaf, and steamed green beans.  Dessert was the apple tart showing at the beginning of the posting.   C’est magnifique!!

Daughter had (Carnard aux peches) duck in a cherry sauce, with steamed spinach and mushrooms.  We tasted each others’ delicious dish and hers was very good also.  Very appetizing presentation also.  She had the creme brulee for dessert.  How can you go wrong with that.  We ended up walking down Park Avenue as a way to end the evening.  Very nice in the quietness of the evening, but we were not the only ones that had the idea.  It is so nice to have a place that allows you for an evening stroll in the relaxed moments of the evening.  Of course, there was a train going by, but that only added to the charm of the moment.  My blessed trains!!!

All and all, I am so happy to have had her visit with me and helping me change my furniture around.  Now it looks so cozy and inviting.  Before, everything was against the wall.  Just like in HGTV, she changed it all.  Thanks, darling.

So…it my weekend ending today…7 August, 2011…a day of catching up with my laundry, and facing the stuff bulging out of the closets.

Your Happy Contessa

“When I am though changing, I am through.”  Martha Stewart, American magnate, author, media personality, magazine publisher.   3 August, 1941-.

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8 thoughts on “All that starts well…ends well…my lovely visit has left town…thanks for the beautiful memories…

  1. Love rabbit – especially on my plate. It was a regular on our plates as we grew up in NH – wild of course. We never ate someone’s “bunny!” Yuck!

    1. There you have it…wild rabbit, a real delicacy. Next time I am moving up the food chain, what should I have next? Need to continue experimenting, it is the spice of life.

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