Our precious stuff…and by the way, this is my 201 post…happy posting to me…

On the avenue in my new hometown...beautiful...

You will not believe what the heck just happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lost my over 300 words posting.  I am nauseated right now.  It was a masterpiece.  This is about the fourth time this has happened.   It goes to hell in a basket.  I do not have any other explanation.  You don’t have an idea how my almost disappearing neurons have to work to come up with something decent five days a week.  And, just like that.  Gone.  You have been deprived of a great piece of work.

So now let’s go to the usual mediocre writings that sometimes I manage to put out.  I am still with my head shaking.  What is is.

Well…let me just try to capture some of the thoughts I was exposing in the gone-to-the black hole post.  Sorry, this is too much to handle.  Let me take another subject matter.  The prima dona in me is just too upset to have a high level of thinking discussion right now.

This is my 201 posting.  Labor pains have been too intense.  I just delivered a child that didn’t want to come into the world yet.  This posting.

I am going to keep it short, unless later I can come up with something better to enlighten all of us.  I need an electric shock right now to get my almost disappearing neurons back to the place they were when I started earlier.

My apologies to all of you.  Go and enlighten yourselves.  I know you can do it.  I am working very hard at doing that for myself.

Carambola!!!! Oops, shouldn’t have said that.  The unsophisticated side of me overcame the always composed and classy contessa side.  Have to let some of the steamy frustration out, otherwise I will explode.

So…it was today…8 August, 2011…a day of another disappearing posting and trying in vain to capture the genius in me.

Your Happy Contessa

“Let us not overstrain our talents, for if we do we shall do nothing with grace.”  Jean de la Fontaine, most famous French fabulist and poet.  8 July, 1621 – 13 April, 1695.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “Our precious stuff…and by the way, this is my 201 post…happy posting to me…

  1. A good idea is to write important items in word processing and save it every few minutes (one click) in case of problems. This can also keep track of word count, correct spelling and grammar, and can be saved in sequential order. A word processor probably came with you computer. If not, there are plenty of free ones on the web. I also use Carbonite to save the data on my computer online in case my computer dies or is stolen. We have nearly 18 gigs in our account. Mainly 20,000 photos of camping and family.

    1. You will not believe this. I started to write an answer to your comment, a long answer. Guess what. I did it without first logging in. So after finishing, it asked me for my email, etc. I tried to go back to previous screen…my whole answer went into the now famous black hole!! Here is a brief version. You are way overestimating my brain cells. By the time I finished reading first sentence, I was already straining the brain. I have to make everything in my life very, very simple. Otherwise, my brain gets into overloaded mode. It just stops working. I will take your comment one sentence at a time and see what I can implement from it. I do appreciate your suggestions, as always. Hope you are doing much better today.

  2. Sometimes if my cursor disappears into my right-hand corner, my page disappears. But I found today that if I put the cursor back into that corner it spits my page back out to me. I wonder how many good thoughts are “eaten” because the cursor fell off the display.

    Congrats on exceeding 200 posts – who would have thought. Some times a simple thought can create a grand result!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try it next time. Hope there won’t be any next time. I’ll go bananas. This is hard work, but I enjoy it very much. Two hundred and one and two hundred and one to go, right? Thanks for keeping up with me.

  3. “””I tried to go back to previous screen…my whole answer went into the now famous black hole!!”””

    When that happens, highlight your whole comment box, right click and save it to your clipboard. If you lose it, then you can just paste it back into the new box and proceed.

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