Going back to move forward…

Let me make this clear…picture is totally unrelated to the subject of the posting.  Couldn’t find a picture of the Transcendentalists so I thought, these guys look like they get along and communicate very well with each other.  So that will have to do.  Enough of my wild imagination.

Some of yesterday’s posting, the one that decided to reside in a black hole, was somehow touching on the way of life of that group of people called “Transcendentalists.”

These were revolutionaries in the fields of religion, politics, social issues and whatever it was they decided to make their opinion matter.

I was typing, let me stop right now to save this post, yesterday,  that probably we think about luminaries from our past in a realm of almost perfectionism.  We only go by what the books we have available tell us, in their own edited versions, about this so glorious people.

They did not have the network news, FaceB, instant messaging, email, etc, to screw up their images.  I think if these people were to live in this era, oh boy, there go all the books, essays, classes, lectures about our brilliant ancestors.  They wouldn’t have a chance.

I know that change is good.  Don’t change, you perish.  Sort of.  But I believe that we are a too expressive and out there society.  Look at me.  You know a whole bunch about my life that even my own mother, that does not have a computer, know about my moving here, there and everywhere.  So much for families’ secrets.  There are none.  We strive in tell all or we are not important.  Remember, I am including myself on this techno mess.

Going back to the brilliant thinkers of the good old days, back then, they had time to think, read, learn new languages through books, share opinions that in a way shape the telling of our history as a country.  I am glad that everything in life has its own time and place.

I am saving this post as I go.  My weakened neurons couldn’t take a consecutive failure.  I would be totally disconnected from all of you.

So…it was today…9 August, 2011…a day to take out the August calendar and see whose birthday I have already missed and who knows what else, and opining about the good old days.

Your Happy Contessa

“Money is the root of all good.”  Ayn Rand, Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter.  Developed the philosophical system known as Objectivism.  2 February, 1905 – 6 March, 1982.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

7 thoughts on “Going back to move forward…

  1. I have a good hobby for you and Winter Park is an excellent place. The Tea Party. They have a great one and actually unseated the horrible loud mouth Alan Grayson by 16%. Florida is in the process of redistricting the congressional districts as we picked up additional seats due to the population shift away from the rust belt to the Right to Work states. We have some great Christian Conservatives and they need the help of young energetic folks like you. It would be fun and you could meet some like minded people.

    1. My voter’s registration card states that I am an independent or non-affiliated. Politics right now is very low in my priorities list. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  2. In that area, most of the local candidates are Republican and the votes that decides local races are the Republican primaries. The general election for most offices are just a formality. Only registered Republicans can vote in the republican primary, so you will miss almost all of the local and state decisions.

    1. Let me see, should I cut my hair and color it at the same time? These are the real issues in my life right now. It is what it is. What is is. There are plenty bloggers wasting oxygen right now discussing politics, and I am not one of them. Hair issues are really important with all this humidity! Do you know of a good treatment to beat the frizzies?

  3. Great idea!! It has worked for me before, it should work now. Thanks for the great suggestion. I should be a politician. Social graces. Never leave home without them. I am moving on…

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