When technology leaves you speechless…

I was cruising, along with half a billion people on the planet on the very familiar site “Face.”  There was a note by one of my “friends” that suggested I go here and there and check this and that and voila, something showed up that left me speechless.  All my phone contacts, “friends” or not, from my cell, were listed in front of my eyes.  I have been trying to delete this list without any success as of this moment.

Since then I have been pondering…what is it that “they” don’t know about us.  I must admit, as I said yesterday, that most of the time I volunteer my information.  But come to think of it, look at your receipts from a store.  Sometimes it even lists your underwear size number.  A good thing sometimes, to keep us in check in case our size has jumped and we have a receipt to keep us informed that we need to change our eating habits, or in other words, starve a little.  But we know from experience that we cannot fool our very smart brain by eating grass and making it think that we are ingesting a steak.  Go fool somebody else, Missy.  That’s my brain talking to me.

I am saving the post as I go along.  No dummies here any more.  I hope.

Now going back to the issue of privacy.  Who in the world do we think we are fooling by being paranoid about our “private stuff.”  Ha, ha, ha.  Everything is out there.  It’s been to all the black holes in the universe and back many times.  What “they” don’t know, doesn’t exist.  “They” know what creams we use, what sport teams we cheer, speed we drive, if we sleep well or not (taking pills), and how many times a day we pass our beloved carbon dioxide.

In other words, when I saw the list of my phone contacts, which I gather it happened when I had a Blackberry, which I gave up because too many interruptions to let me know when one of my “friends” sneezed on “Face.”  I returned that fastidious apparatus as soon as I was able to get to the store, but the damage had been done.  We get so tech-happy whenever we are awed by it, but remember, my dear friends, always and I mean always, the price is paid either at the entrance or the exit of everything in life.  Sometimes we are walking around with a little knife on our backs and we don’t even know it.

So…it was today…10 August, 2011, a day of being in awe at technology once more and a day to realize that we are not really alone.  We are all in this together even if we want it or not.

Your Happy Contessa

“The best way out is always through.”  Robert Frost, American poet, received four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry.  26 March, 1874 – 29 January, 1963.

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4 thoughts on “When technology leaves you speechless…

    1. Kadzi, Kadzi, what about the things we don’t know that are unmonitorable. Conspiracy theory working with me 24/7/365. By the time I was able to delete all those entries, only God knows what new feature they have added that I don’t know about. Paranoia? You bet! Thanks for commenting and reading.

  1. How do you find them on Facebook. I noticed all of my Facebook friends ae on my cell phone, but didn’t know the other way?

    1. I am going to send you all the instructions by email soon. I took for granted that everyone knew this, that’s why I did not repost on Face. It is amazing what is out there.

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