Miss my buddies…

All of you that have a washer and dryer at home do not know how blessed and fortunate you are.

I remember when I became incredibly happy when the delivery of my first washer and dryer was made to our home in Virginia.  I was at work and Ron called me to let me know “they” were home.  When finally I arrived at our townhouse, I went immediately to the basement and touched those apparatus and almost cried.  It was such a happy and joyful moment.

Now I look at my getting-higher-by-the-day pile of briefly used clothes and think how much I miss my buddies.  There are so many things that require washing, drying, and folding.  I have to walk around 50+ steps outside my condo to get to the coin operated machines.  No quarters, no washing or drying.  One more thing to think about.  The collection of quarters.  Life on the going down hill in the chapters of my soon to be thought about book.  Maybe the title should be something like this; Happy Contessa and the battle with her briefly soiled garments.  Have to be a bit sophisticated describing very common things.  We are different, you know.  Yeah!  With no washer or dryer to make my life a bit easier.  I am different alright!!  It looks to me that I am almost checking out of this life turn and ready to enter next.  Man, what’s going to happen next?  Going from three (3) toilets to one and maybe none.  Who knows!!  That will be the day.  I remember when I was growing up, there was no toilet inside the house.  There was outside what you call in this country, an outhouse.  It was not funny.  I have come a long way, baby.

I should probably stop complaining and be happy and gracious accepting the fact that at least there are a washer and a dryer in the very close vicinity.  I am blessed in some way.  Things could get uglier.  How ugly?  Going for a month without washing a single piece.  Better get some extra undergarments.  Thanks God for the big “W.”

Well…so it was today…12 August, 2011…a day of missing my buddies…and being somewhat thankful for their substitutes.

Make it a very happy weekend.  Every time you use your washer and dryer, think how fortunate you are.  See you next Monday!

Your Happy Contessa

“You can never plan the future by the past.”  Edmund Burke, Irish stateman, author, political theorist and philosopher.  12 January, 1729 – 9 July, 1797.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

7 thoughts on “Miss my buddies…

  1. We use coin machines when we are on an RV trip and it is no fun. If the room is a good temp (we ran from hot to freezing the last trip), we try to use the time to read. Being so close, you will probably just go back and forth, We have met some very interesting people in laundry rooms. Great place to talk. You can pick up some spare single socks too.

    1. Hey Lindsay, this “laundry room” has one washer, one dryer. I use my kitchen timer because these machines tell you how long until they are finished. I shouldn’t complain, but nothing beats having your own. I am not looking forward to finding socks or any other items. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a lovely weekend together with Nancy.

  2. There is a company called Appliance Direct that sells factory rejects for about half price. We have brought most of our stuff from them. Usually they might have a small dent or scratch. We bought our convection/microwave oven and used it for years. They will deliver and setup for a fee also if you need to, They advertise a lot on TV,

    1. Thanks, but the problem here is that washers and dryers are not allowed in the units. So I don’t have a choice while I am here. It is not that bad. At least I have them around the corner from my unit, but it is not the same.

  3. We are currently investigating buying the washer/dryer combination. Ours are griping loudly that they’ve reach retirement age and are looking for somewhere south to go. The technology involved with the new appliances leaves me speechless – it takes a lot. The basic price of the units aren’t too bad until you start adding the accessories – like the power cord – why doesn’t an appliance come with a power cord? I know the reasoning, I just don’t agree with it. The accessories, warranties, extras total up as a “3rd” appliance. I thought I had enough money saved away in the milk can but no………….. it will require dipping into my “fund.” Ouch! I don’t believe I could go without.

    1. Wow! I am left speechless too with all that stuff. Washers and dryers should be a no brainer, but as with everything else, tech savy appliances with a price tag to go along. Please do not buy those machines that wash and dry in the same appliance. They are so bad. M had one of those. Not a good thing. Well…Miss Raylene, there you and Mr. R go again. Helping the economy. Why I am not surprised. Have a fun time. Next time you do a load, think of me.

  4. For the average home owner, a cheap (few bells and whistles) will do just fine.. When we had the B and B and did as many as 200 loads a month, we went with all the low water usage and high speed spin that we could to save money. A high speed spin cycle on the washer (at least 1000 RPM) will save money in the long run for the average home owner as it is much cheaper to spin out the water than heat it out. I know the EPA is coming out with new standards (2012) on dishwashers which will make them more expensive and greatly lengthen the cycle times and I have heard washers and dryers are next. We love scratch and dents and have save a whole lot of money, I was the laundry queen of Mount Dora.

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