Our talents…obvious to others…but not so to us…

This past weekend I spent some time with some friends that I have known since mid-1990’s.  We shared stories, caught up with the world’s events, even though we have been doing that on a constant basis.  How can you not do that.  The magnitude of what’s going on cannot be ignored.  So after talking and some more talking, my friend showed me the piece of art with which I opened today’s post.  This was done by her husband maybe a year ago.  He built the base, the wings of the eagle are made of pieces of newspaper that he layered and layered until he achieved the results you see.  This piece of folk art, was conceived in his mind and was done totally by him, sanding wood, painting, in summary, this is his creation.  What a genius!  I was totally in awe and then she, (his wife) also showed me this…

What a beautiful winter scene!  Did you notice the different tones of gray? If you see the picture closer, you can notice the fine details this painting has.  I noticed also the color scheme that he used in the painting, from many years ago, he used the same coordination on the eagle piece of art showing at the beginning of the posting.  This one is one of the many paintings he has done throughout his lifetime.  What a talented individual he is.

I thought about all of us…how we sometimes do not realize the gifts that have been bestowed upon us.  Some of us are good at carpentry.  One of my friends once built a wooden boat all by hand.  By the way, Lindsay, whatever happened to that boat?  Some  of us are good at numbers, at decorating,  and making a place look warm and inviting and so on.  We need to remember that each one of us is very talented and validate our blessings,  and acknowledge the fact that each one of us is special in our own individual ways.  Do not underestimate how special you are.  I think that the circle of people we have surrounded ourselves with, or that have somehow showed up in our lives is to bring something to the table to make our lives complete.

So it was today…14 August, 2011…recognizing the uniqueness each one of us has.

Your Happy Contessa

“The quieter we become, the more we can hear.”  Baba Ram Dass, an American contemporary spiritual teacher, author of “Be here Now.”  6 April, 1931 -.

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