Southern Beauty…its own uniqueness…

Look at the splendor of these trees covered partially with Spanish moss.  There’s so much of it in this part of the South.  By now all of you know my admiration for all things dealing with nature, be it flora or fauna.  More inclined to flora, though.

This was in a hardware’s store parking place.  It seems that they built around all the trees and what you get when you are in the parking lot are all these trees covered with Spanish moss.  Just breathtaking.

This is a close-up of this incredible live organism.  It is a flowering plant that grows upon larger trees.  It gets its nutrients from the air and rainfall.  It rarely kills the trees, but it weakens them by reducing its exposure to the sun, thereby reducing photosynthesis, and weighing down and breaking the branches.  The circle of life once again.

And here’s one last shot.  Isn’t it all so grand.  I so love nature and how it connects with your spirit.  It gives me this incredible moment of identifying with something so much bigger than me.  It swells me with joy and gratitude to be able to witness the many miracles of creation and its Creator.

So it was today…15 August, 2011…a day of connecting with nature and of being grateful to be witness to wonder.

Your Happy Contessa

“But not only medicine, engineering, and painting are arts; living itself is an art.”  Erich Fromm, German-American-Jewish social psychologist, psychoanalyst.  23 March, 1900 – 18 March, 1980.

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4 thoughts on “Southern Beauty…its own uniqueness…

  1. Spanish moss can be used in indoor arrangements if you kill the “chiggers” in it first. They are very little red bugs that can get in your skin. A great way to sterilize the moss and kill them them is to microwave the moss before using it in an arrangement. This isn’t one of my jokes, but a floral tip.

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