If you think education is expensive…try ignorance…To go to college or not…

One day this week I was watching the news and there was a segment about the cost of education.  This particular father had attended an Ivy League school and he was stating that he didn’t think it was worth it for his daughter to attend college, because the high cost of education.  The saddest part was when the interviewer asked the young girl, around 10 or 12, if she agreed with her father,  she said, yes, she didn’t see the point in incurring this high amount of debt, because after all, it was not worth it.

It saddened me to see what a good job this man had done with his daughter brainwashing her, to the point that she probably would not even consider furthering her education.  What a selfish human being.  I am referring to her father.  How dared he take away the privilege of his daughter having the opportunity to being exposed to the world of higher education.  I am talking for myself here.  I did not have an opportunity to attend college because I was raised in a family that their motto was that women are only good to get married, raise children and take care of the husband.  Most of the time the man would have the mentality of a macho type that thought that he was doing this woman a favor by marrying her.  I cannot up to a point blame the guy, because the culture was ingrained with that kind of thinking.  Thanks God poco a poco that trend is being discontinued.

When I came to the mainland in 1978, I was in awe at all the opportunities people of all kinds have in this country.  But, being the type of person that I am, I saw that education is the only way to better oneself and I was continuously reading and taking any opportunity I was given to become more knowledgeable and I exposed myself to all kinds of avenues that would lead me to become a better person.

Then, there came my daughter Milagros.  From day number one, I knew I would do everything within my reach and power to give her an opportunity to attend one of the best schools this country has to offer.  You see, education for your child has to be given the same consideration and planning as to anything that has top priority in your life.  I started doing research, and more research.  I believe your input equals your output in efforts and actions.  Cost of her education was not even remotely in my plans.  I thought, first she has to get there, and when she gets accepted to the school of her choice, then even if I had to work 24/7/365 holding whatever number of jobs I had to do, I would do it.

A good education is the best legacy any parent can give their child.  Right in there also, is the opportunity to lead them into a good solid spiritual life.  Because when that time comes that I cease to exist, I can take that last breath so much easier.  I have done my job for my child, and for my country.  It is interesting to point out how we rate as a country in education compared to other leading nations.  Much improvement needed.

So it was today…26 May, 2011…a day to establish priorities in relation to give our children an opportunity to start their adult life with the tools needed to succeed.  When you have higher education the doors to opportunities open faster than if you don’t.

I take this opportunity to honor and show appreciation to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for world peace and our country.  Happy Memorial Day.

Make this a happy weekend.  I will be back on Tuesday.

Your Happy Contessa

“I find that I have painted my life…things happening in my life…without knowing.”  Georgia O’Keeffe, American artist, 15 November 1887 – 6 March, 1986

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4 thoughts on “If you think education is expensive…try ignorance…To go to college or not…

    1. I think it has always been like that, everywhere in the world. I know from experience of having been exposed to students of other countries. What is important is that we as parents, neighbors, friends, make all efforts necessary to encourage the furthering of young people’s education. Let them decide what’s going to be for them. At least we give them the opportunity to be exposed to so much, that otherwise they wouldn’t. We must not keep them in the dark. Think of the mushroom theory. Not a good thing. Thanks for writing Lindsay, and again, Happy, happy Birthday!!!

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