“Each one of you have your own platform…” Oprah Winfrey

And there she was…today was the last episode of the Oprah Winfrey show as we knew it.  I am looking forward to see what she may have in storage to keep us enlightened.

“Each one of you have your own platform…”   That phrase she used at the beginning,  and it stock with me for the remaining part of the show.  Almost every word that she said was precious to me.  She is absolutely right.  We may have a platform with an audience of one, two, three, or millions, as she did.   The important thing is to be careful how we use this platform of power we inadvertently have.

I am grateful to all my readers.  Even though I have a petite platform,  I am very appreciative of having each one of you to share my thoughts with five days a week.  If you watched Oprah’s last show, you will see where from I get a lot of my life’s beliefs and my way of thinking.  I have learned so much from this woman as to how not to be judgemental, how to be more compassionate and how to be more giving, even when the gift I give is very small.  She also taught me how to be a better listener, to watch the power of my words, and most of all, to acknowledge others’ need to be listened to and to be  understood.

She is so gifted and she knows it.  She allowed others to enlighten us with their wisdom, without minding who was getting the credit.  Her main intention was to give us the privilege of getting acess to others’ way of thinking and knowledge.  I think the secret to her success is that she is not afraid to be herself.  Sometimes when she acknowledged some of her weaknesses, we felt that it is ok not to be perfect.  She also transmitted her strength to us all when we needed a friend to look up to.

I am now contemplating as to how I can enrich those around my platform to help each one of us to become a happier and peaceful people.  That’s the least I can do.

Miss Oprah, thank you for your devotion to your viewers and may God continue to guide you as to how you will be still enlightening us all with your wisdom and spiritual gifts.

And as your last words were,  “To God be the Glory.”

So it was today, 25 May, 2011, Miss Oprah Winfrey’s new beginning in her search to continue to teach us what she knows for sure.

Your Happy Contessa

“To know when one’s self is interested, is the first condition of interesting other people.”  Walter Pater, English essayist, critic of art and literature, and fiction writer.

Photos taken from Oprah’s last show.  Thanks to Harpo Productions.

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2 thoughts on ““Each one of you have your own platform…” Oprah Winfrey

    1. If you are interested, probably they’ll do re-runs on OWN. I am very grateful I was exposed to this giving and compassionate person in my journey through this beautiful planet. Hope you and Nancy are still having fun with your trip. Thanks for checking in.

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