Down the drain…

Dreams, plans, money, friendships, relationships, plans for the day…etc., etc.  You name it, most of the things in our lives have a possibility of eventually going down the drain.  Mine has some coffee stains, but it shows that at least I use it.  Life might as well be like my sink, with some stains here and there, but still serves its purposes.

No, I am not down today, or maybe I am.  I don’t remember seeing the word  “perfect” next to my name on my birth certificate.  So I have my days on which I ponder more deeply than others.  Today is one of those days.  Let me clarify.  Not 100%, it is a semi-deep pondering day. 

I think I have an idea why.  My favorite college basketball men’s team (Duke Blue Devils) lost last night.  It is not the fact that they lost, it is to whom they lost the game to and the margin of loss.  I am still trying to recover from that “what just happened” moment.  I couldn’t even look at the Sports Section of our newspaper this morning.  It hit the recycling bin like it had some contaminated material on it. 

This anecdote is totally unrelated to this posting.  When my daughter decided to accept to attend Duke University, I thought, oh my, my daughter is going to attend a school that has a devil as a mascot.  Lots of prayers here.  But to rationalize this situation better, I consoled myself by thinking “well, at least it is a blue devil, it couldn’t be that bad.”  Me and my ignorant universe.

Now going back to the slow energy moody day,  it has been a blessed rainy day.  We badly need the rain, so remember the pros and cons of life.  I miss my sunbeam.  Please come to visit me tomorrow.  Need that doses of cheerful stuff you have in your sun rays.

I can relate the parallel of drainage to my life.  It is there to help me clean stuff, and to discard and shred others on as-needed basis.  Thanks God for drains, and for the other just repaired garbage disposal.  One turn of a switch and there it goes all the discards in a jifty.  Where is that switch on my parallel universe.  I could use it right now.

This is the right side angle view of my lanai.  Not bad at all, even on a rainy day.  Just wanted to share with you.

With hopes of uplifting my aura to a brighter blue color,  because I just found out that the women’s bb team won their division championship.  With that happy note, I remain

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  Went to have dinner at Whole Foods with Miss Raylene and Mr. Richard last Saturday night, before the colossal collapse of the Blue Devils.  I really enjoyed my curried chicken, ultra delicious;  basmati rice and some meat that right now I cannot recall its name, it was very hot, spicy hot).  I am always putting new stuff on my plate to experiment.  Diversity is the spice of life.  I feel better already.  Thanks guys for allowing me to hang around with both of you.  By the way, did you win the lottery?  I am on standby.  Dessert?  Key lime tartlet.  Oh my!

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2 thoughts on “Down the drain…

  1. Sometimes we go to Sam’s for dinner. You can make a good dinner from just going around eating the samples on toothpicks.

    1. Lindsay, I don’t know what to say. Things on toothpicks is not my idea of a meal, but if it works for you, more power to toothpicks. I know you better than that. You are a gourmet cook, I know from eating your ever delicious foods. Thanks again for reading.

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