I have everything I want…

It is not how long I live, but what I do with the time I have while I have it.

This morning I was reading in my local newspaper a lovely, and sad story of an eight year-old-sweet girl who died recently of a brain tumor.  What caused to make an impression on me, and one that I will never forget, was a phrase that she used when she and her family were standing at a fountain and throwing in coins and making wishes at the same time.  She held onto the coin her father had given her.  She said “I have everything I want.”

It was an incredibly enlightened moment for me.  I looked around my living dinning area that was so bright at that moment from the sunbeams coming through my many windows, and I thought, wow, it has taken this young lady’s wisdom, even after she has died, to remind me of my many blessings.  I am not talking material things right now, I am referring to the beautiful sun rays coming through the windows and making me feel very fortunate to be present at that moment.

Those of you who know me personally know that I have been trying to move to Florida for well over a year now.  I get so cold, that sometimes it is unbearable for me during the winter season to be comfortable or happy even inside my house.  Turning up the heat does not help.  Static galore and every time I touch something, I get second degree electric shocks.  But after reading that phrase from sweet little Meg, I realized that I have been putting my life on pause for over a year, when I already have right now all that I want.  What I need to learn is how to deal with the issue of freezing to death during the winters.  I need to figure that out.

The “life is greener (in this case, warmer) on the other side of I-95,”  is a myth I need to debunk.  I could die right now waiting for my house to sell, and waiting to be warmer, waiting to continue with my dreams…  etc., so in the next two months the wait will be over, I have decided today.  Thanks little Meg.

This is a close-up of the tiny flowers of a pear tree,  taken from the one at the beginning of the post.  I took the picture this morning during my walkabout. Just magnificent.  “I have everything I want.”

Stop to look around you, this is a magnificent universe.  Thank you God!

Your Happy Contessa

 P.S. Not too bad of a picture from a $79 cheap chic camera!

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

8 thoughts on “I have everything I want…

    1. Thanks Lindsay, maybe I should contemplate starting a new career. Photography. I enjoy taking pictures and then see what I can do with them with my ccc (cheap, chic camera, for those of you that don’t know yet).

    1. With me you don’t have a choice. Ron used to have to explain to me his jokes, and then I would say, ahhhhhh……by then Ron had moved on to something else. I told you I was slow, it is a family secret. Well, not anymore.

  1. Photos are beautiful. Walk was delightful. We have all we need, and we are lucky enough to be aware that we have all we need.

    1. That is a great compliment coming from a pro photographer. I enjoy very much our walks also. Yes, having all we need is it. Thanks for reading and writing. See you tomorrow.

    1. You’re most certainly welcomed. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet Little Miss Meg through the newspaper. Her legacy lives on. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon sometime.

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