Here and there and everywhere today…

 Frankly, today I had my doubts about coming up with anything at all to talk to you about.  That thought has crossed my mind many times.  It is an ugly and scary thought.  But here we go.

Yesterday, when I was getting ready to cut what is my daily intake of an apple or a pear to put in my salad, I noticed with curiosity and apprehension that maybe a visitor being was residing inside my apple.  Humm…so I washed and dried it and then proceeded to do surgery.  Come to find out, after several incisions were made, the part of where the foreign being must have resided was empty.  I would say 99.50% of the apple was approved by my eyes to put into the salad.  It was a crunchy and sweet apple.  My daily intake to insure my happy everyday moment of what you must imagine if you have a good imagination.  If you cannot figure it out, well, you need to eat an apple a day.

I guess life is just like that apple, some days seem better than others, but if we “cut” into it, the day may end up being a grand one.   
Those irresponsible muses.  Probably they have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.  They’ll do anything not to come back North yet.  The reason I am saying this is because I have a scattered all over the place posting today.  Neurons are kind of flaky and not coordinating at all.  Arebaba (that’s what the people in my Indian soap say throwing their hands up in the air when they don’t know what to do).  I guess I can use it here now. 
We’ll proceed now with my usual in control kind of person and pretend that everything is hokey pokey.  I am in big trouble!
These are some of the sights I find on my daily walk with Miss Raylene, that are uncovered right now, because the trees are still bare.  The one on the left is a tiny little creek and one on the right are some death trunks just laying there, making a nice collage.  There’s a reason for everything under the sun.  We need the not so glamorous views now, so we can discover the hidden treasures of nature, and then we can appreciate each one on its own merit.  Such is life, but it is not that easy to digest when you are going through the  mud to get to the other side.  Patience, perseverance and faith in myself and our Creator is usually what I need to help me through.

I will leave you today with a picture of the dreaded dandelion.  No one wants them in their yard, but I think it is another beauty of nature.  In its right place, I guess.  If we continue getting rid of pretty things like this one with pesticide, one day all of us are going to go “puff” and disappear.  All because we have classified this pretty flower as a weed.  Leave it to us to come up with incomprehensible stuff.  I wonder how is the dandelion treated as in our parallel universe.

And so it is today…

Your Happy Contessa

“To be or not to be.  That is the question.”   Shakespeare.  I looked up the meaning of this phrase and it left me kind of conflicted, but I decided I was going to make of it a happy interpretation.  You make your own.  Make it a happy one.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

5 thoughts on “Here and there and everywhere today…

    1. Lindsay, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt about this “joke.” A good pair (in my posting I am talking about pears, you know, the fruit) of what. Pretend I am a first grader in elementary school. Explain yourself. Then I’ll get it. Thanks for keeping up with my postings, my faithful reader. I am not pretending that I am dumb. I am. Another family secret out.

  1. Well, it goes back to the days of sitting on the bench in front of the Olde Town Book Shoppe. When a good looking young girl walked by, one of us would say, “What a good looking pair she has.”

    1. Hey Ron, are you listening? We’ll discuss when I get to where you are. We have some business pending. Now Lindsay, what was it, the synthetic upper balloons? Good pair of saline solution. You guys are so easy to fool. With this we close this “joke” unless you want to get Ron in deeper trouble.

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