If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again…

Historic touch down! Welcome Home Discovery!

 I have been trying now for over an hour to “share” the video of the shuttle Discovery’s  last touch down, a historical one may I say, because this was its final voyage.  Let me be more specific, I was trying to “share” from NASA’s website the landing of Discovery, with my friends on Facebook.  No luck.

The longer I tried,  the more obstinate my computer grew in a conspiracy plot with Facebook.  No cooperation whatsoever.  Maybe too many people were trying to do the same thing too.  Information overload.

I am going to continue trying again and again to share this video mainly because the landing as well as it was the takeoff are sights that leave anyone in awe.  You should check them out at NASA’s website.

I think the space frontier (is there a frontier?) will provide us with many questions and as well as many answers that we living mechanisms here on planet Earth may have or may entertain.  I feel very proud of our accomplishments as a country in the space program.  It is a shame we are considering ending it. 

Just out of curiosity, are you one of those that think that we are alone in the whole universe.  I love the audacity of our engineers and astronauts to go out there and try to communicate with ET.   Remember him?   How lovely he was and with those incredible super powers.  The Lord have mercy on us if them out there are just looking for food and we may look like some kind of eatable species to them.  Enough.  Hopefully they are just like ET.

I must confess, I was not a big fan of the space program at the beginning, but as I get “wiser” and “riper” as I can get, I find merit in things that before I didn’t consider that important.  The space program was one of those creatures.  But now I am one more fan.  “To infinity and beyond,” as Buzz Lightyear would say.  Ask any ten-year old who’s Buzz.

Again, Welcome Home...Looking really good

With this breath-taking moment…I can only, no, I cannot imagine what it must have been for this privileged group of people to have had this incredible experience.

So it was on March 9, 2011…

Your Happy Contessa

“God wasn’t throwing dice when He created the Universe”  Albert Einstein

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