Dear Jesus!  I just had a blank moment!!!!  While searching for this photo, I went to my files, and then…an empty screen with my name on it.  I tried a few times and same thing happened.  I thought, what the heck did I do now?  I know I was messing around yesterday with my Control Panel (nanobrain of my PC), but…then the usual screen came into reality.  Phew!  That was a close one to disturb my blue aura.  Now I can go to start the posting related to the above referred photo.

I have been reading this book that talks about auras.  I thought there were only two, red or blue.  Wrong.  There are orange, yellow, green.  I guess the blue is the halo we all should aim for.  It dawned on me that maybe the color orange has been hanging over my head more than the all becoming to my skin color, light baby blue.  Orange is a dead zone color for my skin color, but it seems from the description of this book, that probably that is the color I have been hanging with most of my time.

What do I do to make it blue?   Went to my sunbeam private area and got my ccc (cheap, chic camera) auto mode and my aura really turned very inferno red, because I couldn’t get the photo that made me look fairly decent.  No makeup, and sun hitting you with all its powerful rays.  It doesn’t get any better or worse than that.  After many deletions, because my ccc suddenly announced with a beep (soft one may I add), that memory was depleted or full, I don’t right now remember its language, I finally approved to myself the one you looked at the beginning of the posting.  Fair enough.  I hummmmmed and hummmmmed (is that the way to write it?) to claim the throne of the blue aura.  After the hummmmming enough, I called my fix-it-car person, because I need new tires, oil change and new windshield wipers.  I thought that by transmitting my good vibes, we could work out a good deal.  It looks as that is going to happen.  You know how things are, when you get to the dealer, oh, my, “we just found out that your car needs this, that and the other.”  Oops!  I can feel the orange with tones of red surfacing in my halo.  Cancel, cancel, and cancel again.  Back to my blue tone.

I really enjoy my moments of solitude or I should say in the company of my sunbeam.  I try to catch as much good energy from that magnificent creation.  Now that I think about it, our sunny sun has an incredible colorless halo.  We color it yellow, but I think it is colorless.  Does it really matter.  No.  I feel that my aura is very blue, feel the good vibes and I am very positive that what I need in my life that is good for me, will show up at the right moment.  Not one second early, or one second late.

A toast to all our blue or colorless auras.

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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