Before the last curtain call…

I bought this bumper sticker on a weekend at the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  The foursome was Raylene, Richard, Ron and self.  (noticed the three R’s?)  I just noticed myself.  I buy a lot of bumper stickers, but I use them to display in my house where I think I can get the message and remember why I bought them in the first place.  

I have always believed in the self-empowerment of women, really, in self-empowerment, period.  But because I am a woman and love the study of the evolvement of the role we women have accepted in our society, due to lack of resources or lack of dare, this sign called my attention.  So many things have occurred in the past recent years of my life, that it is very important for me to realize that what I think I want to get accomplished in the rest of my days during my journey, I must promptly act, in spite of what others around me might think or advise.  My new reality (just heard that expression again in one of my novelas earlier today) is one of “the buck stops right here with me.”  Any decisions, trivial, important or no decisions, I must make taking into consideration all pros and cons, and sometimes I just make them on the spot, because it was needed.

We don’t realize what an important piece of the collective as a society we are.  I look back in my life, and all major decisions I had to make, I had to go on a limb.  But I always think, what is the worst that can happen?  Then, once I get an answer, I charge.  The best experiences in my life have been made this way.  Call them guts, instinct or just plain “having cojones” as Ms. Madeleine Albright once called on Fidel Castro at the United Nations.  In life we write our story, so let’s make sure it is a really incredible one, one that your great, great-grandchildren will have something to talk about.

Let’s make our lives a memorable one.  Let’s start a garden, an association, let’s look around and see what’s needed and let’s do it!  I believe Emerson said something to the effect that if just one life has breathed easier because we have existed, we have succeeded.

Until next Monday,

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Before the last curtain call…

  1. Channel all of your energies into selling your house and success will follow.

    (I read that on a fortune cookie.)

    1. I knew I could count on you to comment. Thank you. I do appreciate all your input. Now about channeling all energies into selling this house…If I channel more energy, there is going to be some ignition in this house sometime soon. Let the gods of selling bring about the future owner(s) of this very lovely house. Amen.

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