Looked real good…and then he turned around…

Today, after almost six days of being held hostage by self in this house, I ventured out to where else, the rectangular box looking store.  Picked some veggies, some eggs, and other essentials, among them my 72% cocoa dark master.   Have to be prepared for next shut down.  Passing by the Electronics Department, I glanced at the camera I had purchased on December 31st, and I’ll be…It was marked down $10.00!   Promptly I searched for an employee, and she told me to bring the receipt and the camera and all its stuff back and I will receive a $10+tax credit on my credit card. 

After finishing my shopping experience, I get in line behind a man who somehow reminded me of Ron when I met him.  Now, bear in mind, I was only looking at his back, nice slim body, tight jeans  (we women do look at other things in men besides their faces), and his grayish looking hair.  Not bad, I thought.  Just the right type.  It made me stand up straighter, you know, not to show my 62 maracas, and fixed up my hair, vanity checked.  Then…and then…this is a big then…the man turns around and smiles to the cashier, and…NO TEETH!  Lord forgive me, but I am still cracking.  I feel so guilty for laughing so bad, but I had to go to another register, because I couldn’t control myself.  Poor guy.  Maybe he had just returned from the dentist, maybe the same one that told a dear person that in order to fix his teeth, he’ll have to remove all of them,  or whatever his reasons, but I will never forget that moment.  Not everything that shines is gold.

That’s the reason of posting my picture.  Is it for real, or what added stuff I have.  Hair coloring (check) things meeting gravity (checked) bags under the eyes (checked) and who knows what else.  I am writing this because it goes to show how vain I could be some times, and that sometimes I pass judgement without having all the elements necessary to make a conclusion.   That this moment will give me a big laugh for the rest of my life, you  can bet on that, but it will make me pause and check the product inside out before making any conclusions.  As far as it goes, probably I won’t change much, I will continue to be this way, just a bit more cautious.

Later on I returned to the store to get my $10 credit.  They told me that they couldn’t do it because it had been 13 days since I had purchased the camera.  They only honor seven days for price adjustment.  Oh my!  I can return the camera within 30 days, and they cannot adjust the price after seven days.  I told the lady, ok, let me return the camera, already used, etc, and in turn I go to your camera dept. and get a brand new camera and $10 credit on my card.  Does that make sense to you, I asked her.  She called her supervisor, and after some elementary logic being exchanged back and forth between all of us, the supervisor, being a smart cookie decided to let me keep the camera and credit my account with the amount mentioned.  Persist, always persist!  Use of logic always beats the punch line.  Moments later, I am $10.78 wealthier.  Not bad for a toothless day experience and use of some elementary logic.

If you think there is a thread of narcissism in me, you are absolutely right.  That’s an elementary part of my whole.  That’s part of being a sane, and happy person.

Enough for today,

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Looked real good…and then he turned around…

    1. I knew you would enjoy this one. I can only imagine the two of us together witnessing this moment. They would have had to call the police. Gracias Lucy for continuing to read. Abrazos.

  1. Ha! That is hilarious about the guy – and even worse about you cracking up in front of him! I never knew that side of you ! Funny! And give poor retailers a break sister! It is tough out there 🙂

    1. You never know what life is going to deliver to you and at what moment. I wasn’t looking to have such a moment. It just happened, and I couldn’t control myself. It was either cry or laugh. I chose the later. Better for my organs and my psych. Now you know that part of your mom you didn’t know before. I am a bag of surprises.

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