Go south young man/woman…go south…

This little one was looking for food, something or a compass?  When I saw him/her (from now on, the gender should be referred to as hh, because we don’t know),  I thought, what the heck is hh doing in this neck of the woods.  Shouldn’t hh be already in the Southern most part of the east coast,  or getting close to that area?  Maybe hh is just like me.  Wants to go further south, but have to stay around for one reason or another.  Then I saw a few blue birds, they were so beautiful!  What’s going on I thought again.

I got my new chic cheap (ccc) camera (if we are nicknaming other things, why not the camera), and tried the zoom control.  A few minutes later I realized I needed a better camera.  No, no, I am not buying a new one right now, but the next one has to be able to capture the roots of the grass growing under the ground.  That’s how good it has to be, in the meantime, this one does wonders, considering the one I had before.

The bird, yes the bird, I forgot how cold it was, so I just took my ccc and went outside to try to snap some shots, and then I realized what I had done.  Cannot go back inside, because by the time I come back out with a coat, the magic  moment will be gone.  That’s exactly what happened.  This was the best result I go from all the shots I took. 

Was this just my imagination playing tricks on me to make me feel better about this winter of my discontent, or was it just a disoriented young bird?  While I was trying to figure all of this out, BAM!  A piece of ice landing on my small concrete pad.  Time to go back inside, I said to the non-existent bird, and to myself.

It amazes me what can pop up into your life, if you are paying attention.  Maybe hh came into my life for that moment, so I could have something to tell y’all today.  There’s always something to talk about.  All we have to do is stop, look and listen.  There’s magic everywhere, even within ourselves.

Not too bad, wouldn’t you say?

Until the next magical moment…

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Go south young man/woman…go south…

  1. As much as I hated to on my camera, I did spend a lot of time with the instruction manual. Usually they have a “Quick Start” and full instruction manual. The full instruction manual is usually well worth the time for many things. We learned about our zoom control through them. You probably also have software included that will allow you to zoom in on the photo and enlarge the zoomed portion after you have taken it, If it wasn’t included with your camera, there are several free one on the market I can send you. If an old duffer like me can figure it out, it should be a snap for a young chick like you. Photography is a great hobby also. Lots of free places on the internet to post them as well as Facebook.

    1. For this ccc I have to download the manual and then print it. As you know me by now, cheap is one of my favorite mottos. I am printing the pages as I need them basis. I am going to explore your suggestions. You are such an expert in so many things! I know I mispelled the word chic. I used chick. The camera is cheap and chic. Now I stand corrected.

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