It’s ok to re-write your story…

This quote I heard today on Super Soul Sunday…it hit a place in my heart, because we think our lives should be lived the way society or those around us decided when we were babes, that’s the way things should be.

Even when we become adults, our limitations continue and we keep on living the traditional way doing the traditional things.  Nothing wrong with that…BUT…things are always changing.

We meet someone, get married, have children and all the things that come eventually…homeownership, jobs, relationships at work, hopefully you are getting the picture.  But, that’s when the paradigm shifts.  Children develop their own wings, we move from one place to another, husbands or wives die, oh yes, that’s part of the deal, even though no one mentions it at the beginning of the fairy tale stuff.  That’s a big one, when your husband or someone pivotal in your life just disappears, meaning, they go to Heaven.

That’s when the time comes to give yourself permission to re-write your story.  Yes, we, as individuals have stories galore to tell, just that for some unknown reason, we don’t see ourselves as a complete package when we are by ourselves.  We always feel that something or someone is missing…it takes time to adjust, re-calculate (like the GPS), always re-calculating, and then we realize that’s ok to continue to re-write the story by ourselves.

It is not easy or joyful at the beginning, but when you give yourself permission to continue the writing, the light at the end of that tunnel shows up.  Many tunnels, many lights in life.

“It’s ok to re-write your story…”  so meaningful.  Grateful for the light to continue to shine on my journey.

Abrazos, Hugs

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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