Megapixels…how many…again?


Life is just like a camera, but with a modern twist.  The cameras now have a count of megapixels.  The more the megapixels the more the details.  Is that a good thing or a not such a good thing.  It depends.  Let me explain…Megapixels are the little extra terrestrials inside the camera that decide how good or bad you are going to look.  It’s good not to set them in a very bad mood, because you may end up looking like a vision from down there, you know, hell.

I used to love my little camera with 14 megapixels and I still do, but not when I am taking selfies anymore.  I found out that if I use my telephone camera, with just 5 megapixels, voila, I look fantabulous!  It erases my wrinkles and other stuff that I just don’t care to bring up right now.  I am in a great mood so far.

So…what does this have to do with life?  A whole lot!  When we have a challenge be it a good thing or not such a hot thing, if we have 14 megapixels neurons to interpret the situation, Oh goodness…we can torture ourselves to death analyzing and over interpreting the subject at hand.  Then depression takes over or too much euphoria that then becomes a thing to worry about.

If on the other hand we just interpret the situation with just 5 megapixels neurons, we really could care less what the outcome may be, because it becomes not such a drama thing.  Are we together as of now?  Are you following me, or you are in the 20 megapixels mindset?  Don’t do that, please.  Stay with as little megapixels as possible.

Trust me on this…it works so much better.  Do you see how nice I look?  At least I think so.  Megapixels, dude, it’s all about megapixels!!

Sending you a 50 megapixels hug and abrazo,


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