Like a little dolly on the walking trail…

0519170947-4This is all new to me…my host site has changed my whole format…my day was going perfectly fine until right now!

It is Friday, so I do my exercise class every Friday, and I was feeling groovy when I left the house, you know, I felt totally with it.  Whatever “it” is.  It is like when you feel totally in control and you are walking on Cloud 9.  Is there a Cloud 10?

I always walk a mile before I go zumba like dancing and lifting weights, so there I was on the inside walking trail when this so adorable little old lady, mind you, I am a little somewhat old lady, but she was a bit more senior than me.  Mid-eighties perhaps?  Oh well, she is coming behind me and says…”You look like a little dolly walking on the trail, you are so pretty!”  Well, I just mumbled something like “thank you so much, God bless you for your kindness and have a wonderful day.”  I wanted to say so much more, but my arsenal of adjectives ran dry.

Then, and this is a big then…drumrolls, please!  There he comes walking towards me and the whole place disappeared in front of me, except his “he is such a hunk” image.  Oh goodness, the day was perfected!  He either forgot to shave or meant to not shaving today, so he was so irresistible looking!  I am old but still recognize beauty when I see it.  He is such a darling.  Not revealing anything else, let’s say…no…let’s leave it to the imagination.

Every Friday he is my incentive to look cute and like a “little dolly.”

It has been a fantabulous Friday, so far.  Yes, for the curious ones, we did have a cute conversation and then to my dancing I went.  It is better just to have this kind of flirtation relationship, because it gets too complicated and then guys are very needy.  More than we women are.  I like it the way it is now.  No commitments, etc.

Life couldn’t be better right now.  Having my cake and eating it too.  With vanilla ice cream too!  Had to share this such a magnificent day…

Abrazos, Hugs


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