Me and my new pal…Andrew…my guitar…


This photo shoot session surely didn’t last long.  This temperamental model/artist was very impatient and short-tempered today.  Who knows what’s going on in her life.  She is supposed to be a happy contessa, but it seems not all is golden in Happyville.

Well, now I am back in the first person singular…I have a new pal, one that gives me another thing to do in my already busy life.  Already some of my fingers are becoming desensitized, meaning, I cannot feel certain area of them because I have been told I have to grow calluses on them.  Gross!  Can you imagine if I were to decide to get a boyfriend…If I were to give him massages, it would be like running sand paper down his back…But I want to learn to play the guitar, to sing one Spanish song that I just so love.  Maybe if I sing him the song while sanding him down, he won’t notice the pain.  Ay Dios, what imagination I have.

One day back in the 1990’s Ron, my husband and his son Kevin showed up at the house with this guitar that has been exclusively used for decoration since then.  I even bought a guitar stand.  They told me they bought it in a used stuff store, meaning, it was cheap and used.  But I love Andrew…that’s the name I have given to my pal, the guitar.

Now I am learning music, the brain has to coordinate between fingers, memory and execution.  Can I handle all of this at once?  It is like learning a new language, never mind I am learning German, Portuguese, French and some Italian.  One of these days my neurons are just going to go on strike…maybe I should take sign language also, just in case.  By December I should be able to play the jingle thing and sing it all at once.  In English and Spanish!

Frankly, I was getting tired of seeing my previous post, so I had to make this one up to change the scenery of the blog, just in case my international followers are wondering if I am still around.  Yes, I am still in circulation…wondering what new path to take right now in my life.

Life is short… really…so live hard and play loud!


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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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