Hipser…new word invented by me…seniors-don’t-wanna-be…that’s me…

DSCN0606Yep!  I have invented a new word…Hipser, seniors-don’t-wanna-be!  That,  in other words, is me.

Let me explain…there are categories of seniority…real seniors, seniors, seniors that wanna be, and seniors-don’t-wanna be.  No insult or demeaning to anyone who has achieved this milestone.  Some of us are already resting in peace.  Not a bad thing either.  Life is a catch-22…nothing is good and nothing is bad…it depends how you interpret things.

I went to an informational party put together by the city where I live, for senior citizens.  I was late because I had my exercise class.  I had about 15 minutes left, so there I went in my super cool outfit.  The ladies were focusing more on my shoe laces than anything else.  So…there was food to clog your arteries and send you into the ER in a second.  But who cares, enjoy the good stuff life has to offer, right?  Not me.  I was seeking information.  There was some music and as I said before, arteries clogging food.  I found a lady and finally got some information and on my way out, that’s when I came up with the word “Hipser.”  The fellow seniors in that meeting, a whole bunch of them…were in their late seventies and eighties.  I am this sixty’s babe…not a real senior yet.  Again…don’t mean to insult anyone.  A very dear friend, in her eighties, is one of my role models, so I do appreciate everyone.

There you have it, the birth of a new word and you have the privilege to be the first ones to be exposed to it.

Living my wonderful senior life one beautiful moment at a time.


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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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