The Nerve of that “Other” Woman…

DSCN0280Someone told me recently that after you hit 80’s, all is downhill from there on.  But I have my own hypothesis…”After I hit my 60’s, my whole world is always colliding with the parallel world that is in my mind.”  Let me prove this…

I was in a store looking for warmer clothing to prepare for my trip to the tundra country of North Carolina.  I passed by a mirror and suddenly this “other older, much older” woman is looking at me, with the same outfit I am wearing, same cute shoes and same hair style.  I move, she moves…it took me a few nanoseconds to realize that was….ME!  OMG!  What happened to the young-looking chick that left my house with me?  Was it the light in the store, an apparition, the other evil she that pretends to be me, or was it really me?  I left that store at the speed of a space shuttle, by the way…I thought those things retired…is the universe trying to tell me something?  I was so confused that my left part of the brain could not at all communicate with the right side, which is the one that tells me all the time that I am a super good-looking chick, well…besides some other little older fellows, but this is not the time to go into that right now.

I am trying to figure out what happened at that store…I felt like a French pile of you know what, felt also like a woman probably doomed for life.

I came home after buying some bread, which is my special treat when I am depressed, went immediately to the mirror that had told me that I looked super good before I left the condo, and saw another woman yet.  What’s going on here?  Then, my left side of the brain said to me…”it’s all about the lighting,  dummy”!  So, now I am very concerned, there is one of me with good lighting and another one of me with mediocre lighting.

This is becoming too hard to look good and young and then… the real me.  The real me is winning, because that picture that I took when I came back home, is not really the way the real me looks like.  It is all about the lighting!

I am so glad this is off my chest…I couldn’t take the pressure any longer.  Next step, let my gray hair show, maybe in 2040.  That’s the first step.

DSCN0281This is my tomato-avocado-carrot with lots of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt sandwich.  Had two of them…frankly, I should have purchased that tempting piece of cake.  I feel full, but…let me put it this way…it is like when you make love, but there is no fire works after the fact.  Tough business.  Hopefully no child is reading this post.  Hopefully also I did not offend anyone also.  People are so sensitive these days…

Another day in paradise while confronting my own aging beast.


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