Years going by…leaves turning…freezing already…

dscn0525Yes, I am ready to rent a shack in Florida or the Caribbean, but I must swallow my pride and bundle up…layers upon layers…

Now, back to the real deal…After you reach the sixth decade plus…what a difference does it make?  A whole lot!!

For once, the maintenance on the body and mind reaches an all time high.  Before I go to bed…it takes another 24 hours to get ready to just try to close my eyes…some nights I just wish the sunrise will happen right after I go to bed.

Cremes, potions, exercise, meditation, prayers, checking for old and new changes on the face, neck, body, etc.  I keep a record of ones getting deeper and the ones just peeking into the surface.  Kid you not!

Now I am super excited!  Bought some new décor for Christmas…can’t wait to get my tiny house even prettier.  Are you getting it or did it just hit you that I am making things as I go along…my life is pretty tame right now…learning to play the guitar, rehashing French, the language, asking permission from one leg to move the other, counting my gray hair…yes, it is super exciting!  I caved in today after the temperature inside the tiny castle hit 62…so I turned on the heat…more trivial stuff so the word counter feels good about doing its job.

Life as a blogger, a happinista, fashionista, writer, peacemaker, artist, photographer, and some other stuff I don’t remember right now,  keeps me super busy and super happy.  Remember, it is not the context that matter, it is how many more words I can squeeze into this space.  Enough!  Only 328 words.  Have mercy on my soul and my mind.

Have you ever read something so scattered all over the place before?  I must admit, it is pretty bad…but at least I am typing, producing some kind of heat for the fingers.

Thank you!

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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