My new toy…I feel like Christmas has already arrived…from moi to moi…

Let me introduce you to my new kitchen gadget.  My new convection oven.  I see myself having so many tasty meals.  It looks good,  doesn’t it.

First, have to clean it and read the manual.  So the first meal probably will be cooked the week after next.  I ordered it last Sunday afternoon, so when it arrived yesterday afternoon, I was somewhat perplexed.  I was not emotionally ready for this apparatus.  Just taking it out of the box took all my brainpower away.  Need to recharge the few neurons floating around my scarcely populated brain, so the whole excitement of tasting my first meal will have to be put on hold.

Isn’t this familiar with some other things in our lives.  I was imagining, that is before this thing arrived,  already preparing some zucchini with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese on top,  some broiled organic chicken having it all with Riesling wine, but when I heard a noise outside of my door, and hearing the motor of a big van taking off, I went to see what was the matter.  There it was!  My new oven.  Had to bring it into the apartment and open the holy box.  Then had to reshuffle things around in my kitchen to accommodate this sparkling thing.  Now I have to read the manual, after I finish studying my French and then…wash the whole thing…then go to mecca for organic stuff and…then cook.  I am exhausted already.  Maybe next month I will use this highly efficient new convenient oven.

Ask and you shall have.  I did.  Now I ask for time to get ready to use the blessed thing.

So…it was today…13 October, 2011…a day of admiring my ever shinning oven…and leaving it alone for a few more weeks.

Make it a happy and enjoyable weekend.  Next Monday it is.

Your Happy Contessa

“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock, and the door will be opened.”  Holy Bible.

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5 thoughts on “My new toy…I feel like Christmas has already arrived…from moi to moi…

  1. We had one at the inn and used it all the time. Works just like a regular oven except the rotating air flow makes things cook quicker. I usually covered things to cut down on splatter. You can cook multiple things in smaller dishes at the same time. We also have a convection/mocrowave in the motor home that works well and our home kitchen is a regular/convection oven. I cooked a 6 pound chicken on convection yesterday for a friend who had ankle surgery and was on crutches. You will love it. Probably won’t heat up the whole place either.

  2. Remember not to set anything on a flat surface that will block the air flow. If you are cooking in a small dish, don’t set it on a plate to steady it. The plate blocks the air flow. It works by having total air flow around the container. Good Luck.

  3. Today is Sunday and 7 AM and I just put in a 16 pound turkey into my convection oven. Nancy’s boos;s boyfriend had to go to the emergency room and have his gall bladder removed.

    1. Right now is Sunday, 8:29 pm. You must have a big convection oven! I am sure turkey couldn’t wait till next month. How delicious! Hope all is well with the fellow without a bladder by now. Hugs to Nancy.

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