I am very happy with my limited audience…

Everyday I am given suggestions from my blog host on how to increase my audience.

And my thinking is…I don’t need a bigger audience than the one I have.  I like what I have and why is this constant need in our planet to have more and more.

In my case, I write for the sake of writing, to keep a journal for my darling daughter and to have something to do.  To be accountable to myself.  It makes me be alert to make up stories out of nothing.  Look how far this is going.

The more you have, the bigger the responsibility.  My plate is pretty full as it is.  You don’t have an idea of how many times I have to consult the dictionary and other resources.  By the time I am done, 1/4 of my day is gone.  Ask my friend Lucy how long it takes me to take a picture…lots of flashes, props and taking picture and more picture-taking.  You see, I am very demanding and expect a lot from myself.

Just imagine if I was thinking that I have to cater to let’s say over a thousand people a day.  Holy tamale, I will have to be answering their somewhat half intelligent questions, well, you know what I mean.  The more you expose yourself, the higher the possibility that the stuff will be hitting the fan at a higher speed.

Leave me as it is.  I am under control somewhat and I love my highly intellectual and selective audience.  I hand-picked them.  I am not a tolerant person to put up with people who think they have a license to tell you what to write, how to paraphrase things and at the end, you end up angry and wanting to send everyone down to Hell City.

I am a happy unpopular blogger and I just love it so.

To my few followers, I am forever grateful that you put up with me and most of the time are very silent, so in a way, most of the time I don’t know what the heck you think about my writings.  Perfecto!

So…it was today…12 October, 2011…Hey Columbus, they really did a job on your fame, didn’t they.  I honor you today, the real day that you and your buddies discovered some beach in the island of Hispaniola.   To you Columbus, Happy you Day!

Your Happy Contessa

“When it takes little to be happy, you have mastered the art of living.”  Moi

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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