What am I afraid of doing..just because I may fail…

Or I don’t know how the outcome will change or affect my life.  Or I just tell myself, not now…I am not ready…the pieces are not in place.  Ha!  That’s a good one.

Wow!  That’s a powerful question.  Most of the time we are on denial, and tell ourselves that  we are afraid of nothing.  We just procrastinate and think that fear is not an element at all in the dynamics of doing something we would like to see accomplished.  Right!!  Who are we kidding?  Ourselves, all right!

Really…if I was not afraid of how things would evolve in my life, I would put all my belongings in storage or just give them away to the Salvation Army, get ready a backpack and take to the Himalayas to start climbing some mountains, would love to visit Tibet;  stay for a while in India doing some country sightseeing;  live in France for at least three months;  finally get into a schooner and live it up as a free spirit;  go climbing the Andes and stay for a while with the Indians from Peru, and so many other things.

The question is…why don’t I just do it.  What or who is holding me back?  I don’t see anyone holding a barrel against my back.  Maybe I don’t want to do those things bad enough to just get going.  Am I afraid of what people would think, that I would run out of money, that I may acquire an incurable disease…frankly, I guess I don’t do these things because they feel almost unattainable.  But, honestly, I could start with the first one and take the first step.

The reasoning of this posting came from the Oprah’s interview on Facebook and other books I have read or is it that sometimes I don’t even know what really I would dream about doing.  I guess my Paris dream took 46 years to accomplish, so do I think I have 46 more years?  Don’t think so.

First, I think I need to just start my list once again and pretend that everything I want or dream about doing is attainable and doable.  It depends on me, not on anyone, or any circumstances.  Fear is a paralyzing emotion and the best way we deal with it is just putting it aside and out of our minds.  I am wasting very valuable time…I don’t have an eternity.

Himalayas, why not…so it was today…11 October, 2011…a day of revising my dreams list, again and again.  A lot to do, and how much time left?

Your Happy Contessa

“If it is to be…it is up to me, and it is sooner than what I think.”

Note:  This posting was also prompted after I finished watching the speech Steve Jobs gave to the class of 2005 at Stanford.

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4 thoughts on “What am I afraid of doing..just because I may fail…

  1. You can always do these kinds of things in small doses. If you want to climb mountains, start off with a hiking weekend in some mountain range in the Southeast. Live somewhere in France for 3 weeks instead of 3 months. Rent a kayak for one day a month instead of buying a schooner.

    1. Kadzi, you are such a wise young woman…thanks for the suggestions…where from did you get the idea that I could buy a schooner? I’ll keep you updated on my progress…that’s why my Saturday mornings French classes…I am starting somehow. J’aime la vie! Ou le toilette? Good enough to get me going. Au revoir!

  2. You have taken many first steps in your life; and guess what, you will take many more. You are living the life you wish (step 1). You are making a plan to continue moving (step 2). Now, move that other foot and continue your forward motion. I think I can, I think I can………….. If you have a goal that seems too big, break it down into smaller more attainable goals. Forward progress doesn’t have to be full speed ahead always.

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