“Fall Fashion Show”…in Florida

A very dear friend invited me for a Sunday afternoon fashion show in a bedroom community of Orlando.  It was labelled as a Fall Fashion Show.

Very lovely crowd, chicken salad in a croissant with romaine lettuce and fruit salad on the side was the delicious lunch.  Sweet or unsweetened tea or lemonade.  Lots of door prizes, and plants to give away.  I brought home two small plants.  Can’t wait to put them in my bedroom.

So the show gets going, all dark colors, hats, scarves, coats, ready to face a nice winter weather.  I was getting hot, very hot from just looking at the models in their “fall outfits.”  Hot flashes came back out of nowhere and there I was fanning myself in a place that was quite cool, weather controlled wise.

After the very entertaining fashion show, my friend and I went to watch the documentary “Forks over Knives.”  That is after me chewing down a chicken salad sandwich.  Veganism went out the window.  What can a girl do when she is hungry and I didn’t feel like grazing with just romaine and some mini-cut pieces of fruits.  Give the woman something meaningful on a Sunday afternoon.

Well…there we go happily after ingesting some stuff that are not at all acceptable by the Forks over Knives concept, to watch the film.  No wine suggested.  WHAT??  Isn’t a nice glass of red wine supposed to be good for you?  Besides it makes you feel all relaxed and ready to go to bed.  The world seems a friendlier place when you have had a nice little glass of wine.  I just looked at my friend and said “there goes the happy moment with dinner.”  Not only no meats for me, now no wine either.  Suddenly the world is not that nice and friendly any more.  But…I want to be healthy and live longer.  My cable guy told me just last Friday that by 2035 we may be able to live up to a 150 years.  What for, I asked him.  I am running out of things to do as it is right now.  Man, things are getting a bit much complicated lately.

One hundred and fifty years.  Hmmmm…How many languages can I learn?  Mandarin, Greek…and the list goes on.  It does not matter how good my life could be…150 years is a lot of years.  Stop!  No more thinking beyond this moment.  Suddenly I am getting tired.

So…it was today…16 October, 2011…a day full of contradictions…no more wine for me, and living up to 150.

Your Happy Contessa

“One thing that never ceases to amaze me, along with the growth of vegetation from the earth and of hair from the head, is the growth of understanding.”  Alice Walker, American writer, poet and activist.  Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction.  9 February, 1944-.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

8 thoughts on ““Fall Fashion Show”…in Florida

    1. I am laughing really hard…by 140 my head will become my feet and viceversa. My imagination is good, but not that good. Thanks for the good wishes. Love your sense of humor.

  1. This new diet of yours is sounding more suspect by the day. Do you know that red wine has antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, and preserves skin elasticity?

    1. Yes, Kadzi, this diet business is really a “relajo” which means in Spanish, that I do whatever I want. Red wine is good for everything you mentioned, but also, it will play games with my liver and will exterminate some of my neurons. I need to be as respectful as I can with my aging engine. Skin elasticity? Hmmmm…sounds more like a dryer, alcohol will wipe clean any oil from the skin. But the final analysis is that alcohol is a disinfectant, so it will eliminate all the bacteria in my system. Yes, I will have my red wine, but maybe twice a week. I just shake my head and let my little mind decide what the heck I am going to do with so much good information. 🙂 Thanks for the objective information.

    1. If I drink in large quantities, Milagros will have to fly down to make arrangements for the holy cremation. Don’t think my system can take too much alcohol. My brain will just pop out.

  2. Oh, my, 140. I think I remember hearing that a person’s ears never stop growing. Are we all going to look like Dumbo? (hands currently covering my ears!)

    1. Hey Raylene, you are so funny!! I thought that it is the hair inside your ears that never stop growing. Have to watch that one. Cannot imagine 90, leave it alone for 140. This is exhausting just thinking about it. One day I am going to extend the research on that one and do a posting…have to use my incredible imagination.

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