Good mood…bad mood…let’s see…which is better for my sanity…

I always have a choice…do I approach anything in my life, even if it is a pain in le derriere,  with grace or just be a nasty, disgusting being.

After 62+ years, I think the choice is obvious.  It is 100% better for me to go with the Pollyanna approach.  Stick it to others and let them be miserable.  I am a citizen of  Wonder and Happyland.  It makes me feel better and my stomach appreciates the fact that I am not putting unnecessary stress in my muscles.  My head also.  Let them think you are in happyland while they are in miseryland.  It works for me.

Nothing has happened to trigger this posting, I was just thinking while staring at the screen, what should I write about today.

So my friends, as the old saying goes, honey is sweeter than vinegar.  Do not waste your good vibes and energy trying to be obnoxious or like the pink stuff that makes you want to throw up.   The only one getting the halo all red and black is you.  Keep it blue and pretty…trust me, it is worth it.

The old lady that moved to Florida and finally found the hole through which my friends from a distance, the froggies, were coming in, has written.  Don’t play the role of an idiot, it is not becoming and it makes you ugly and give you unnecessary wrinkles and bags under your eyes.

One more observation…have you noticed how the people who are in a bad mood or always carry on like a grouch seem to feel more important, just because their misery makes them feel they are above we the commons,  who always carry on with a smile or just shrug off the crapola of life.  Interesting dear Watson…interesting.

So…it was today…4 October, 2011…a day to choose to be in a good mood and have good karma.

Your Happy Contessa

“Be happy…or be miserable…Duh!…”  Contessa’s arsenal of good humor.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

5 thoughts on “Good mood…bad mood…let’s see…which is better for my sanity…

  1. We have a lot of those bromiliads (misspelled). They are pretty year around and and can be split and transplanted.

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