Open doors in Florida without having to sweat as in a sauna…

It is that time of the year whereby in Florida we can leave the doors and windows open without feeling that we are in a sauna.  I took the opportunity to spray for bugs also, so the fumes could escape to the outdoors.

I locked my screen doors, because the fear of having unwanted and unsolicited visitors is always with me.  I need to find that whistle.  At least I can blow it really hard and hopefully the people with their hearing aids in place will be able to hear me.  I am such a mean person.  Maybe one of these days, I will have to get one of those and remember to turn them on, so I can hear the conversation.  Oh my…so much to look forward to, that is, if I am lucky enough to make it to that stage.

Then as I am getting ready to type this posting, I hear some noise as if someone is trying to open my screen door.  I rapidly went to the door to check it out.  There she was, Miss Nonagenarian trying to open the door to bring me some fresh basil.  How sweet and kind of her!  She grows basil outside of her door and it really looks healthy and smells so fresh.  I already had some with my salad.  Random kindness.  I am so blessed.

Beautiful weather, Duke won their football game yesterday, I feel great maybe because I am breathing fresh polluted air and life is good, very good.

So…it was today..2 October, 2011…a day of being grateful to be among the existent ones.

Your Happy Contessa

“Better to believe too much than nothing at all.”  From my little book of Old Chinese Proverbs.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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