In Honor to the Appleman…

Sometimes you feel that some people are larger than life…of course, no one is…but this morning I just found out that Steve Jobs has passed away, and it felt as if he was.

I never met the man, don’t even have one of his products, but somehow tears just keep flowing, I really cannot explain why.

I have never in the history of my humble blog have changed course in what is published, but this morning I felt compelled to do so.

Mr. Jobs, a toast to you and the great legacy you have left behind.

Your Happy Contessa

“It is not what you do, but how you do it.”

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4 thoughts on “In Honor to the Appleman…

  1. I think a lot of Steve Jobs innovations are in every phone, every computer, and every computer software you use. He was the American dream. From your garage to multimillionaire and maker of many other successful families. He also gave away billions to the poor in America and other countries. He did show us that we all are mortal and we will all be going to meet our maker.

    1. You are absolutely right! I was playing my homemade c/d made from guess what…iTunes. Mr. Jobs managed to touch each one of our lives, one way or another, and yes…that time is coming, so all our accounts have to be just right when that time comes. And it can happen anytime. Let’s enjoy every second of our lives, because after all, it has been an incredible and wonderful journey.

  2. We all have plans to live forever. We all hope to leave our imprint favorably on this earth. We all should follow this free thinker’s example that with the right thought, the right planning, and the right follow through – absolutely anything can be achieved. The clock ticks quicker for some than others. We should not ever waste a single day. I take comfort in knowing that while Mr. Jobs is no longer around that he left behind a legacy that will continue to evolve and expand – and that the world will benefit further from the fact he was here.

    1. Your comment really touched my spirit. Mr. Jobs managed in his brief life to touch most of us in a way that will never be forgotten. He is an inspiration to continue the journey and always do our best, and as he used to say, not to settle for anything but our best.

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