Que sera, sera…Whatever will be, will be…

Sometimes even the best planned events or occasions in our lives can be met with one challenge or another.  I am in the initial stages of moving to another place, where I think…remember this…I think the grass will be greener.  But  also realize that greener grass takes a lot of fertilizer, lots of water, even more now that we are in the middle of this blazing summer.

There is a lot of smoke outside right now, but the local tv station, which  I think originates in another planet, is saying nada about it.  I think they even pre-record the weather forecast.  Here I go again…side tracking…

Yes, a lot of water, fertilizer, and a lot of effort to have that Nirvana looking grass.  I have made a deal with my ego self.  I am not contemplating this move to be my answer to find happiness,  there’s that word again, but an opportunity to make meaning and write some different experiences in the book of what I call my life.  No too high expectations, no big disappointments.  Life is better when we open up to the possibilities of what the days, what the people that surround us, may decide to gift us with.  What we do with whatever is handed to us is what really matters.  And as Miss Raylene and I decided this morning, we are going to get some pink shaded sunglasses and use them to see everything that touches our lives.  Pink, light, and pretty.  No ugliness, no problems.

As my lovely and brilliant daughter would  say, life is like an equation, all you have to worry about is finding that missing factor.  And that’s where the excitement and fun begins.  Always look at challenges as an adventure to find out where this thing is taking us.  Whatever that is.  It will show us how resilient and persistent we really are.

So it was today…21 June, 2011…the day of the year with the longest hours of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere, and the day of the year with the shortest hours of sunlight in the Southern Hemisphere.  Opposites.   So that means, that tomorrow the countdown starts second by second of eliminating sunlight from our days.  What a conundrum of a mind I have.  I love the hot weather, and how can I even be thinking about cold weather.  Better stop it right now.

Your Happy Contessa

“Make everything about you and your life elegant and special.”  Me

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Que sera, sera…Whatever will be, will be…

    1. As usual, you are thinking out of the box. Good perspective. North Carolina has been very good to me as it was to Ron. Wherever we have been it has been good. In conclusion, life is what you make it to be wherever you are. As the saying goes…Life is good!

  1. My 2 favorite concepts within this posting (even though all of it was sublime): (1) “Nirvana-looking grass”; and (2) M’s equating life to an equation.

    1. Oh my gosh! Your comment leaves me speechless. Sublime, that word is going with me and my cremation container and then to the ocean where is my final destination. Thank you so very much for such a beautiful and encouraging comment. I do appreciate you, because Milagros thinks very highly of your writings, so this means a lot to me. Hugs,

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