The chicken…and or the hormones…

I bought this fried (yes, I know…not so good for my precious arteries) piece of chicken breast, to shred it and insert it in my delicious soon to be lunch salad.  But, surprise!  the piece of meat looked so diminutive that I was kind of disappointed.  I even surprised myself at my reaction.  You know how greedy we humanoids have become.  Bigger everything, including the problems and stress.  Bigger is better and give it to me as fast as you can.

After a few seconds of surprising myself, I thought…always thinking.  Sometimes I even get tired to thinking so much.  But I don’t have anybody else to talk with about my little brain waves of thinking, so thinking in complete silence is.  Now, going back to my forever thinking…maybe this “smart” chicken knew what was being fed to the rest of the population and she decided she was not having any of it and decided to pass the hormone du jour.  As a result, I got the only chicken piece in the whole lot that was leaving very few carbon footprints.  That thought made me kind of content.  Notice I said content, not happy.  Usually a chicken breast lasts me for two meals.  This one is already gone with lunch.  Hormones or no hormones…that was my question.  Hopefully that “smart” chick had a very happy life.  I bet there was not a shred of bad fat in her trim body.

Big salad...small chicken breast...

I amaze myself at how I can take a piece of chicken and do a whole posting.  There’s so much in the universe to talk about, look about and nonsense about.  But no one can complain about the muses being totally MIA, I can suffice by myself.  That’s very empowering.  294 words.  That’s a decent posting.

Oh yes, look at my daily salad.  When I read about the issue with veggies that was going on in Europe the past few weeks, you don’t want to know how panicked I was.  I thought…there goes my intent on being healthy and keeping somewhat fit to get into my skinny jeans.  Even thought it is too hot now for jeans.  Do they make skinny shorts.  Oops!  Legs are not that great looking at 62 seasons and the 63rd approaching pretty soon.

Yes, I do take the skin out, with all that good tasting greasy layers of skin.  Only God knows how old is the oil they use to fry that stuff.  You can smell the grease miles away.  Sooo good!  It is better not to think too much when trying to eat anything.  It takes your appetite away.

Bon apetit!

So it was today…22 June, 2011…a day of ingesting my monthly dose of recycled old lard…and pretending I don’t know anything about how good it is for me.

Your Happy Contessa

“Honey, I’m your cook, not your doctor.”  Paula Deen when asked if all that fat she cooks with is good for you.

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2 thoughts on “The chicken…and or the hormones…

  1. was that really “fried” chicken………..? it didn’t look as if had been dosed with hormones. we’ll need to walk a bit quicker to burn off the fat!

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