Only the natural and best ingredients…

Have you noticed that fruits and vegetables do not need a label with ingredients, % of this or % of that?  The only ingredients are, oxygen, water, and sunlight.  A magic brew and voila, the miracle of nature and our Creator.  The best color coordination and best tasting nature has to offer.

Cutting this cantaloupe and pear made me think of this.  Don’t even have to look at any label when you buy them.  Very simple.  Why couldn’t we just consume more of these goodies, instead of those you know what, those things.   I really could not come up with a name to describe “le garbage” we are bringing home when we go shopping for groceries.  I think I already did a posting on this issue.  But just looking around us we can see we are going down baby, we don’t need anyone from outside our frontiers to come and do us in.  We are happily eating ourselves to the road of no return.  And the curious thing, no one likes to talk about it.  We just go on happily eating and drinking and buying larger sizes.  Super size me!

Color, texture and flavor...

Have you noticed how sizes are getting bigger?  What about the furniture?  One thing I noticed in Paris is that the chairs in the restaurants are very petite.  Even to get in and out of your seat, you have to pull the table, so you can maneuver out.  Spaces are very small and you are very close to each other.  The French paradox.  They eat a lot of creams and  butter.   This butter is just heavenly. I remember I was eating the butter by itself thinking it was cheese and Milagros told me it was butter.  That’s how good it is.  Going back, they, the French people do very happily eat and accompany their meals with plenty wine and good conversation.  There’s a grace to do that.  Here, most of the time we just get drunk and the faster we eat, the better.  Not such a good thing.

Going back to the paradox, maybe alcohol burns the fat on the way out of our systems.  Who knows.  I am not recommending use of alcohol.  Remember, alcohol burns your brain cells.  Not too many neurons to go around for me.  But that’s where the paradox resides.

One thing is for sure, and my friends, I am including myself in this constant and eternal battle, natural ingredients are so much better than those names we cannot pronounce.  They should create a country for just those little names.   Conspiracy theory working full-time here.  They give the garbage we are ingesting those names, so we don’t feel we really know what the hell we are sending down our pipes.

Only natural ingredients are better than those monos, saturated, artificial anything and you know what I mean.  Every time we are contemplating putting something in our petite mouths, let’s think–look for other alternatives.  If none is available, water is a good filler upper.

When I was working on this posting I heard a tweet from a bird and it sounded as if the bird was inside the house.  I looked to the upper glass part of my door, and there was this tiny bird serenading me with a beautiful melody.  This was my best attempt to capture this memorable moment.  Nature at its best.  It never fails.

So it was today…23 June, 2011…a day of contemplating how we should become more of one with nature.  Have the loveliest of weekends.  See you Monday!

Your Happy Contessa

“Can we ever have too much of a good thing?”  Miguel De Cervantes, Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright.  Don Quijote de la Mancha.  9 October, 1547 – 23 April, 1616.

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