“…has always been able to take nothing and make something out of it.”

This was a quote from an article in this morning’s paper describing this generous-to- humanity woman who has gone on to her next journey.

Just like that bumble bee I captured this morning on a Rose of Sharon.  There she was, Miss cute bumble bee going about her business of doing her part in the very elaborate and complex development of what we call the food chain.  Nothing is unimportant in life.  She did not mind that I was trying to capture the moment, she just went on because today was probably a very busy and hot day.

Before Miss Bumble Bee's visit...

There are so many things going on all around us and most of the time are so oblivious of the importance of some of these happenings.  I am training myself to be more alert and listen to the birds’ singing their beautiful tunes in the morning, to the sights of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny this morning, first noticed by Miss Raylene, and I tried to take a few photos, to later realized I had my fantastic cheap camera on the close-up default, so the visit of these precious creatures was captured very fuzzy.  But at least they are in the vault of our nice memories.

Let’s not underestimate the preciousness of the moment, the inhabitants of our surroundings that work so hard to make life beautiful and worth the presence of our existence on our beautiful planet Earth.

So it was today…20 June, 2011, a day visiting with Miss Bumble Bee and the Bunnies family, and pondering on the making of something out of nothing.

Your Happy Contessa

“Time is a sort of river of passing events.”  Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor, philosopher.  26 April, 121 – 17 March, 180.

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