Me and my beautiful life…

In my last posting I came across as being a tad depressed.  We must remember about the Harvard “expert” in happiness that stated that if you don’t have any lows in life, you are either a psychopath or you are dead.  So I decided in my last posting to take my dose of low for the month.  I am still breathing and being a psychopath is not a choice for happiness.  Those people are plain scary.  I remember in my soap “India” there was one, Yvonne, she was heartless, and even at the end of the story, she came out smelling real good.  Where were we?

Ahhhhhhh, the title of the posting.  I was feeling groovy and grateful this morning, and thought that I do have a beautiful life.  I have chosen to remember only the goodness of everything that has happened to me in my 62 seasons (there is a wasp trying to get in my house right now), and I am very appreciative of everyone that decided to show up in my life and even though the circumstances sometimes were not of my approval, looking back, they have become part of the great person I am today.  The tapestry of my beautiful life.  There are so many stories, characters, episodes, chapters, sentences, beautiful pictures, beautiful scenes, challenging moments, very frustrating and angry paragraphs in the pages of the whole book of my life, but that’s what they are, only paragraphs or sentences.

I have to remember to be kind and gentle to myself, not to live up to anyone’s expectation, because after all, we are all going through one thing or another, and also, not to be constantly comparing myself to anybody else.  I do not recall anyone having met God yet.  So if we live trying to meet anyone, and I mean anyone’s expectation,  that’s the best set up for failure one can have.

I feel good, grateful and I am looking forward to whatever is in storage in the next page of my life.  One thing for sure, I am going to make my darndest best to make it beautiful.

Life is too short not to make it pretty and beautiful.

So it was today…19th June, 2011…a day of remembering how beautiful we can make our lives to be.

Your Happy Contessa

“…And I hope to make meaning… with what I have left of my life”  A 64-year-old woman with early stages of Alzheimer disease.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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