What do I…you…stand…stood for?…

Old times...but the challenges continue...

This morning during our daily walk, Miss Raylene and I were talking about issues we are dealing in today’s world that made us revisit what we stood for during our “rebellious days.”

It made me ponder about what really do I stand for today.  Right now, I have taken a leave of absence, except for stressing in my community the utmost importance of helping your local public library.  I believe libraries are the foundation of a community.  No library, no enlightenment and almost non-existent progress with the social issues.  In conclusion, no progress in our lives.  Each individual is in a way a reflection of the community they live in.  We cannot continue living in the darkness and ignoring the issues affecting us and the rest of the world.

Me in one of my heydays...

I remember this ocassion…the community where my husband and I had our business was not having a 4th of July celebration in 1997, due to budget constraints.  I decided that I was going to do something, because it was going to be my first Independence Day celebration as an American citizen.  To make the long story short, I went to the City Council to get approval for a small ceremony, on the steps of City Hall,  including the reading of the Declaration of Independence, which my beautiful daughter did,  and the singing of some patriotic songs.  To recap, it was a very successful celebration, even had the Fire Department show up with a beautiful truck with flags, we had a lady sing our National Anthem and all in all, my first Independence Day as an American Citizen was memorable for me and a few others.  Needless to say, from that day on, the community has not skipped an Independence Day celebration.  It is not what we say, it is what we do that speaks volumes louder.

I have been watching some videos related to social issues.  They make me feel sad that in a way, I am not a contributor right now to the progress of humanity in our search for a better world.  There must always be a continuous search to become a better group of people as a whole.  As Susan B. Anthony used to say during her battle to get women in the United States the privilege of casting a vote…”Failure is impossible.”

I need to find a cause to devote my time and my passion to help in the search to eliminate social injustice.  How am I going to do it?  I need to search and charge on.  Age must not be a determining factor in getting too comfortable and think that those duties of contributing  are just for younger generations.  Our problems are our problems.  They do not have gender, age or nationality.  We are in this together for better or better.  No space for negativity here.

So it was today…14 June, 2011…a day to ponder of becoming an active member of society once again.  The choices are endless.

Your Happy Contessa

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, lecturer and poet.  Led the Transcendentalist Movement of Mid-19th Century.  25 May, 1803 – 27 April, 1882.

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4 thoughts on “What do I…you…stand…stood for?…

    1. Hi Lindsay! No, she didn’t ask me to cut the reading of the Declaration of Independence shorter in my own ceremony, it was during the 1998 ceremony, and this woman wanted me to cut the reading shorter. I told her, I’ll read it in its entirety, or no reading. The reading was complete. Some people don’t get the meaning of the 4th of July celebration. Oh well…hope you and Nancy keep on having so much fun. Enjoying the pictures.

  1. Sounds like another heyday is just around the corner. Can you start off by volunteering somewhere interesting in your area for a few hours a week?

    1. I am in transition right now, but I was one of the founding members of the local Historical Association and I am on the board of the Friends of the Library. I am a restless person and I need to be always involved in something meaningful to me. I am looking forward to see what new experience I will be having in my new location. I’ll keep you informed. Thanks for the suggestion. Enjoyed your most recent posting.

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