Theme du jour…moving a-la-french…say what?…

You know how my mind works…or doesn’t work.  I was really desperate in trying to come up with something to write about.  So I thought, why not continue with my saga about moving, packing, patching holes on the wall, donating galore of books to the local library with a heavy heart.  I love my books!  Things are going pretty smooth, but no place to live as of right now.  The Creator in charge of the universe is in charge here.  I have totally placed my situation in his hands, but I better get my derriere going, or it is not going to happen.

Moving a-la-French?  I don’t know what made me think of that.  Just a flying thought and I was immediately pondering; do you think the people in France (chic ones may I say) have a different way of packing?  More sophisticated, prettier?  Sometimes I feel a tad in a hurry and feel like just taking everything, and I mean everything to the Salvation Army.  Going back to Vive la France.  Do they sing beautiful songs, put some flowers on the table while doing the tedious chore of wrapping and re-wrapping things.  Maybe some wine to chill the process.  I am still catching up from last year’s newspaper that I had saved, and find some articles somewhat interesting.  Looking back, some things make a lot of sense or now they look plain idiotic.

This is me burning the mid-afternoon oil, trying to think of something to communicate with y’all.  It is working, typing and typing things that show what an incredible and lazy imagination I possess.  Fingers just keep on moving and word counter is showing a decent number.  Have to keep the word counter somewhat happy.  It is getting harder and harder, because I am physically exhausted and the neurons do not, I repeat, refuse to multi-task and go on strike if I push them to do just that.

Did you notice the boxes, and how far I am from your view?  I took this picture on purpose just like that to show you the incredible sacrifice I make to get the presses rolling to produce this nano-blog.  351 words as of now, is not such a nano thing.

I will stop blabbing right now.  I think you are getting my drift by now.  Hopefully things will get better.  By the way, the lily at the beginning of the posting is a picture taken this morning during my walk from Miss Kim’s garden.

So it was today…13 June, 2011, a day to ponder how the French people manage their moving from one place to another and pushing my imagination to its limit.

Your Happy Contessa

“A bientot.”  See you soon in, what else, French.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Theme du jour…moving a-la-french…say what?…

    1. Hi there! At least you are very fortunate to have had the experience to pack in another frame of mind. No wine is ok, alcohol will just finish burning my very few left neurons, but cafe, just perfect to get the motivation going. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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